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A UPS truck hit and killed a missing person on Interstate 15. The crash sent the UPS truck off the road and ripped tires from the vehicle. In another instance, a pedestrian tried to navigate a crosswalk when they were struck and injured by a UPS truck. In that case, the UPS driver tried to blame the accident on another vehicle before fleeing the scene. The woman suffered severe injuries, including crushed bones.

UPS trucks are supposed to safely deliver the things that we need. However, when a UPS truck causes an accident, the damages can be devastating to the victim. If you’re hurt in a collision with a UPS truck, you have important rights. You may deserve financial compensation. Here’s what you need to know about UPS truck accidents from our Las Vegas attorneys for car accidents.

UPS Truck Hit My Car

If a UPS truck hit your car, you have a limited amount of time to demand compensation. The laws that apply to the case depend on the location where the accident takes place. Typically, the UPS driver must be guilty of negligence or some kind of driving error for them to be legally liable for your injuries.

You prove your case by gathering the evidence to show that the other driver is at fault. If a UPS truck hits your car, you may deserve compensation, but you must work to bring your claim and receive compensation.

UPS Accident Claims

UPS accident claims are a claim for compensation based on the negligence of a UPS truck driver. When a UPS delivery driver causes an accident, the company may be liable for your financial losses and pain and suffering. To win compensation, you must bring a UPS accident claim. The time limit to file your claim depends on the location where the accident occurs.

A Delivery Driver Hit My Car

If a delivery driver hits your car, you may deserve financial compensation. It’s important to follow the laws about reporting the accident to the police. In addition, gather all of the information that you can about the driver and the vehicle involved in the crash.

All delivery drivers have a very high legal obligation to drive safely on the roads. When a delivery driver hits your car, they may owe you compensation for your medical bills, physical pain, and emotional suffering.

What Can You Win in a UPS Accident Lawsuit?

Here is some of the compensation that you can win in a UPS lawsuit:

  • Medical bills
  • Emergency room expenses
  • Costs of the ambulance and emergency response
  • X-rays, diagnostic tests
  • Home modifications, wheelchairs, walkers and crutches
  • Physical therapy
  • Counseling and psychological services
  • Monetary damages for physical pain
  • Monetary damages for emotional anguish and changed lifestyle
  • Make-up compensation for lost work
  • Future lost earning capacity
  • Punitive damages (in some cases)
  • Property damage if your vehicle or personal property is damaged

Your damages are unique to you. You must evaluate your damages and non-economic losses to know the total value of your case.

UPS Vehicle Accident Claims in Nevada

UPS vehicle accident claims in Nevada may be based on negligence. Nevada law allows all injured victims to bring a claim for compensation based on negligence. It doesn’t matter if your injuries are very serious or minor. As long as you’re hurt by the negligence of the UPS driver, you deserve financial compensation.

To determine whether the UPS driver acted negligently, you look at how the accident occurs. For example, if you’re walking across a crosswalk with a green signal, and the UPS driver runs a red light and hits you, the driver is negligent. If you’re driving in one lane and the UPS driver tries to change lanes and sideswipes you, that’s negligence.

Negligence is any failure to take reasonable care and caution on the roads. The standard is what an ordinary, reasonable person would do in the same situation. You have to look at each case to determine whether each person acted reasonably. Even if you’re partially to blame for the accident, you should speak with an experienced Las Vegas attorney for car accidents. They can help you determine if you can collect compensation and what you might deserve under Nevada law.

UPS Truck Accidents and Product Liability

Sometimes, accidents occur because of a vehicle defect. If you’re hurt because of a defect with a UPS truck, both the vehicle manufacturer and UPS may be liable for your losses. A manufacturing defect or a design defect may make the truck manufacturer legally responsible for an accident. However, if the accident occurs because of poor maintenance on the part of UPS, the company may be liable. You must investigate the cause of the crash to determine who is financially responsible.

Is UPS Liable If One of Their Drivers Hits Me?

Yes, UPS is liable if one of their drivers hits you. Employers are responsible for the actions of their employees. UPS has the responsibility to screen employees to ensure that they hire only safe drivers.

In addition, they may not retain an employee that they know is unqualified. When an accident occurs because of the negligence of one of their employees, UPS is responsible to the victims. When you bring a claim for compensation, you must name UPS as a party to the case.

Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyers

Have you been in an accident with a UPS truck? You may deserve financial compensation. Our Las Vegas accident lawyers have handled thousands of cases. We have experience with claims involving commercial drivers like UPS vehicles.

Our team can help you value your case and take the appropriate steps for compensation. We can help you pursue your claim from start to finish. When we represent you, we handle all negotiations with the other side and all court appearances. We also draft all legal documents on your behalf.

If you’ve been hurt in a UPS truck accident, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation. Your consultation is confidential. We look forward to hearing from you.

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