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If you were involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you might be entitled to compensation from the negligent party. Car accidents can result in significant physical injury. Due to the structure of a vehicle, it is not uncommon to have a knee injury after a car accident.

The injuries can be debilitating and require that you stay off work to recover. You may be left unsure of how to pay your medical bills or your daily expenses. As the victim of a car accident, you have rights in Nevada.

You have the right to make a claim against the at-fault party’s insurance company and file a personal injury lawsuit if you do not receive fair compensation. To protect those rights, you should work with an experienced car accident lawyer. Here at Adam S. Kutner Personal Injury Attorneys, our Las Vegas car accident lawyers have helped over 40,000 accident victims receive compensation for their damages. Call us today at (702) 382-0000 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.



Knee Injuries Commonly Associated with Car Accidents

The sudden external forces placed on a victim’s knees during a car accident often result in common types of knee injuries. The type of knee injury may depend on the nature of the crash. For example, knee injuries suffered in a side-impact collision may be different than those suffered in a rollover accident.

The knee is one of the largest and most complex joints in your body. It connects the thigh bone to the shinbone and a smaller bone that runs behind the shinbone called the fibula. There are tendons that connect the bones to the leg muscles, which move the knee joint.

Ligaments join the knee bones and provide stability to the knee. To keep your thigh bone and your shin bone from sliding over each other there are strong cruciate ligaments and c-shaped pieces of cartilage that act as shock absorbers.

The complexity of the knee joint means there are several ways the knee can be injured. Some injuries may recover well with just rest and ice, others will require physical therapy, cortisone injections, or surgery. Several of the common knee injuries associated with a car accident include:

Torn meniscus: Your knee has several pieces of cartilage inside the joint that are called menisci. Each meniscus acts as a cushion to protect the ends of the thigh and shin bones from rubbing up against each other as your knee moves. During a car accident, the knee can shift abruptly and tear the meniscus. This type of injury can also release small pieces of cartilage that can cause a clicking sound in the joint or cause the joint to lock up. Depending on the severity of the tear, surgery may be one of the only effective options for treatment.

Muscular injury: The sudden change in direction that happens when a car traveling at speed stops quickly in an accident can cause soft-tissue injuries. The trauma can stretch the knee muscles or the tendons that support the knee. You might experience pain, swelling, bruising, and decreased range of motion. Mild or moderate injuries can be treated with home therapy after diagnosis by your treating physician. These often heal within a few weeks but may require you don’t work in the interim. A more severe strain or ruptured tendon could require surgery and take several months to heal.

Fractured patella: This is your kneecap. It is a flat bone that sits in the front of your knee and protects your joint. At a high-speed collision, your knee may contact another object in the car, often the dashboard. Hit with enough force, the patella can fracture. This results in extreme pain and swelling. You may not be able to put any weight on the leg. Your doctor will examine the knee and take X-rays. If the kneecap is not out of place you may only require a cast for several weeks. However, a more severe injury may require surgery to repair the damage and will typically take up to eight weeks to heal. Unfortunately, it can be swollen and painful for months afterward.

Tendon rupture or torn ligament: The patellar tendon or quadriceps tendon can rupture after an accident. This is the tendon that attaches the kneecap at the top and bottom. This can cause extreme pain and can occur if the patella dislocates and shifts. There are several ligaments in the knee that may rupture or tear during a car accident. The posterior cruciate ligament is the one most often injured. This type of injury is sometimes called “dashboard knee” as the force against your knee when your leg is at a right angle can tear the posterior cruciate ligament. Both a ruptured tendon and torn ligament often require surgical procedures to repair the damage.

Post-traumatic arthritis: This type of injury can happen after any type of significant trauma to the knee. It develops relatively quickly after the injury and is usually temporary. You will have symptoms of pain, swelling, stiffness, and tenderness like osteoarthritis. Many people recover after several months. In some instances, it becomes chronic and, rarely, you may need surgery if the symptoms are severe. Most people manage post-traumatic arthritis with exercise and lifestyle changes. However, it may also increase your risk of developing arthritis in that joint in the years to come.

How Can an Experienced Car Accident Attorney Help?

After you file an insurance claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company, they will be represented by experienced attorneys. The company may send an insurance adjuster within days to ask you questions about the accident and possibly offer you a settlement. Insurance adjusters are skilled negotiators. Their job is to protect the financial interest of the insurance company.

You want someone to protect your rights and interests as well. An experienced Nevada car accident attorney can help negotiate a claim with the insurance company or represent your interests in court if you file a personal injury lawsuit.

Your attorney can help prepare your case and gather evidence that supports your claim using advanced resources. For example, they can have an accident reconstruction completed or gather expert witnesses to provide evidence.

Knee Injuries Can Cause Lifestyle Changes

Recovering from a significant car accident can take time and energy. Oftentimes, a knee injury may create short-term or long-term lifestyle changes. For example, after a kneecap fracture, you may be unable to work for six to eight weeks. In addition, you will likely be unable to do many of the activities you were used to doing before the accident.

In some cases, knee injuries can cause long-term lifestyle changes that may impact your employment status or your ability to care for yourself or your family. This recovery time often requires physical therapy and long hours of exercise and strengthening at home.

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