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Five Tips For How To Prevent Autumn Car Accidents

Autumn can be an exhilarating time of year. Many people will hit the road to visit family and friends. More people traveling means more cars on the road, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with ways to stay safe when en route to your destination. Below, we’ll discuss several tips to protect yourself from car accidents this autumn. 

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Check Your Tires

As temperatures drop, the pressure inside your times may decrease as well, which can cause your tires to flatten. To check your tires, you should: 

  • Use a pressure gauge – An air pressure gauge will give you an accurate reading of the pressure inside your tire. Take into account that your tires will heat up as you use them, and the pressure will increase slightly. 
  • Use your eyes – Look over the tires to see if there are any bald spots or thin treads. Look over the surface to see if there may be something that could harm the tire. 

Watch Out for Wildlife

Animals use the fall months to prepare for winter. As a result, there is often an increase in wildlife movement in the autumn months, especially on rural roads. If you fail to compensate for the possibility of an animal darting out in front of your vehicle, you could end up swerving or even hitting the animal, which could damage your car and result in injuries. 

  • Watch for movement – Be on the lookout for unexpected movement on the side of the road. Hitting a deer or feral hog can cause severe damage to your automobile or small truck. 
  • Slow down – When the sun is rising or setting, visibility is reduced. Decreasing your speed can help you stop more quickly if an animal suddenly darts into the road.
  • Avoid swerving or slamming on your brakes –Squirrels, rabbits, turtles, and other small animals won’t cause harm to your car, but swerving to avoid hitting the animal may cause you to lose control of your vehicle. 

Be Aware of Weather Conditions

Autumn weather can be a lot like spring weather. Storms can develop quickly, and they may be severe. 

  • Pay attention to the weather reports – If there is rain, sleet, or snow in the forecast, leave earlier to give yourself extra time to arrive at your destination. 
  • Use your headlights – When you are driving in dim or dark conditions, or if you are driving in hazardous weather, you should turn on your headlights so that other cars can spot you. Many vehicles today have automatic lights, but you may need to turn on your headlights manually if you drive an older vehicle. 
  • Reduce your speed – Adjuster your speed to account for hazardous conditions. Not only does inclement weather reduce visibility on the road, but wet road surfaces can cause your vehicle to hydroplane if you aren’t careful.

Adjust Your Routine For the Time Change

During the summer, you may have driven home in the late evening while the sun was still out. When the time changes, the daylight hours automatically get shorter, and by the time it’s 6 PM or so, you’re driving home in the dark. If you can, adjust your routine so that you are able to drive home while it is still light out.  

Winterize Your Safety Kit

As the temperature gets colder, it’s a good idea to “winterize” your vehicle safety kit. Add items such as: 

  • Blankets – If you find yourself stranded on the side of the road, blankets can help protect you from the chill of an autumn day until help arrives. 
  • Flares and flashlights – The time change can make cars that are pulled over on the side of the road harder to see. To make sure that you are visible to other vehicles, consider packing flares and flashlights in your kit. 
  • Jacket or poncho – A jacket can protect you if your car breaks down in the cold, while a poncho can provide some protection from inclement weather if you must change a tire or perform another car repair in the rain. 

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