News: Hit-and-run driver fatally collides with motorcyclist on East Lake Blvd

LAS VEGAS, NV – Witnesses to a fatal hit-and-run collision chased down the suspect and had him return to the scene of the accident on East Lake Blvd near Nellis Blvd Saturday, KLAS reports.

Jose Luis Ochoa Picaso, 39, was driving a Chevrolet Tahoe when he turned left directly in front of the motorcyclist, Lindsay Ellen Brandt, 34. Brandt, who was riding Honda CBR 600, hit the right rear side of the Tahoe going about 55 mph.

First responders arrived at the scene of the wreck around 9:55 a.m. They transported Brandt to UMC Trauma, where she died from her injuries.

According to witnesses, Picaso fled the area and continued to drive south on Marion Dr. The witness says he yelled at Picaso to stop. Picas did stop momentarily to look back but then continued anyway.

The witness followed Picaso, who attempted to evade him. Picaso finally stopped at Owens Ave and the witness convinced him to return to the site of the crash.

Police interviewed Picaso, who told them he was unaware that a collision had taken place. Officers believed this was improbably due to the damage to the Tahoe.

Picaso then claimed he left the scene because he was nervous and wanted to contact his partner.

Police are still investigating the incident.

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