Mass Transit Personal Injury Claims

Every day nearly 200,000 people use mass transit in Las Vegas. With such a large number of people using these services, and the large amount of mass transit vehicles present in the area, it is easy to understand how mass transit accidents occur.

mass transit accident

What Are Mass Transit Personal Injuries?

Mass transit injuries are any type of personal injury that occurs with, or while riding in, a mass transit vehicle. Different vehicles that are considered mass transit include:

  • Buses – Public, educational, and private carriers.
  • Taxis, limousines, and shuttles.
  • Airplanes and helicopters when a ticket is purchased for use.
  • Subways, trolleys and trains of any type that carry passengers.

Personal injuries that are the result of a mass transit accident have different terms applied to them than regular vehicular accidents. When it comes to mass transit vehicles, there must be a “standard of care” rule applied to the operator of the vehicle. The standard of care that is applied includes:

  • Keeping passengers reasonably safe by properly maintaining all vehicles and using safety equipment.
  • Having fully trained professionals operating the vehicles at all times.
  • Keeping all entrance and exit areas free from clutter for safety reasons.
  • Providing security measures when and where it is necessary.

Common Carrier Laws

It is very important to understand that there are many different common carrier laws in Nevada applying to mass transit. Laws vary greatly based on what type of transportation was being used at the time of the accident. Laws for public transportation are much stricter than those against private carriers.

If you have been injured in a mass transit accident, it is in your best interest to immediately contact a law firm that has the ability to aggressively represent you in this type of case. The regulations regarding these types of accident can be frustrating, and you will need a law firm that has the experience to deal with this type of tort action.

Statute Of Limitations For Making A Claim

In Nevada, a personal injury case generally carries a two year Statute of Limitations to file a case for compensation. Cases filed after the Statute of Limitations has expired will not be accepted by the Court.

These Statute of Limitation rules do not apply to mass transit injuries, even though they are a personal injury. Depending on the carrier, and if it is a private or government agency in charge of the transportation, injury victims could have as little as two weeks to file a claim for compensation. If you have been injured in a mass transit accident, you should seek legal representation immediately.

State Limit On Damages

Mass transit accidents may also have a limit on the amount of damages that can be sought by the injured party. Limits may be placed on suits filed against different government agencies, with each agency having a different limit. Some limits may be placed on private carriers. You will need to speak with an attorney about any potential limits you may face when seeking compensation for your injuries.

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