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Should You Hire a Route 91 Shooting Attorney?

Route 91 Shooting Attorneys

The tragedy that struck Las Vegas on October 1st, 2017 has forever altered the lives of the more than 20,000 people in attendance — as well as countless others directly impacted by the violence. Although the community and the country came out in overwhelming support of the victims, those who survived the attack and the family members of those who lost their lives continue to hurt in the aftermath. While the process is unlikely to be quick or easy, those affected are now starting on their path to healing both mentally and physically.

Part of ensuring that those affected have what they need to recover to the best of their abilities is making considerations about pursuing legal recourse for financial compensation from responsible parties. Although the case is still under investigation, the currently known facts of the case support the assertion that the tragedy was foreseeable and preventable, raising the questions of negligence and liability. It’s essential for those directly affected to consider scheduling an appointment with a qualified Route 91 shooting attorney to better understand what options are available to assist with the financial burdens associated with recovery.

An attorney can assist with every aspect of preserving your rights, and get you the resources needed to make the fullest recovery possible.

Route 91 Shooting Security and Safety Concerns

As more information is released regarding the organization of the event and how the attack unfolded, it has become apparent that there were critical issues over safety and security from the beginning.

Primarily, the venue itself presented a number of concerning aspects. The Route 91 Harvest Festival was held at a venue known as The Las Vegas Village, which is an open-air lot directly across from the Mandalay Bay. The outdoor area, owned by MGM Resorts International — who is also the owner of the Mandalay Bay — offered no overhead protection. Although there has been a rise in mass tragedies at entertainment venues, neither the owner of the venue nor the organizers of the festival took any precautions to secure the surrounding high-rise properties, or the area itself.

Secondarily, the organization of the venue also presents issues of adequate security to ensure the safety of festival goers. The site was set up so attendees both entered and exited through a single pathway into an area that was completely fenced off otherwise. Although this was to prevent unauthorized access to the festival, in the end, it was a factor that contributed to the deadliness of the attack. Another crucial aspect of this is the fact that the venue also lacked sufficient emergency exits, preventing attendees from quickly escaping when the shooting started.

Lastly, in the midst of the Route 91 shooting, organizers made no effort to implement evacuation instructions to the panicked crowd. While it’s unlikely that Live Nation, the organizers and promoters of the event even had such protocol outlined ahead of time, the lack of clear evacuation instructions likely contributed to the severity of the attack.

Do You Need a Route 91 Shooting Attorney?

When considering civil responsibility in cases related to security issues like this, the questions of negligence and liability for the Mandalay Bay shooting will be heavily focused on foreseeability, prevention, and duties of care. If unlawful negligence can be demonstrated in relation to inadequate security at either the Mandalay Bay or at the festival, each responsible party could be held liable for the attack.

At Adam S. Kutner and Associates, we are committed to helping those affected by this senseless tragedy understand what options for legal recourse are available, and assisting in recovering the compensation needed to make a full recovery. We know these cases will require a specific level of discretion, respect, and individual attention and we are dedicated to doing everything in our power to help protect the rights of those affected.

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