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While the entire country shows solidarity and mourns those killed in the Las Vegas shooting at the Route 91 Festival, those directly impacted are suffering tremendously and have the additional burden of dealing with unanswered questions and financial matters associated with this tragedy.

You may be wondering if this was preventable. Was security adequate? Were profits prioritized over safety? You will need an attorney with the investigative resources, experience, and a proven track record for holding corporations accountable for their failures on your side.

Whether you attended, were injured, or if you have lost a loved one at the Route 91 Festival shooting at Mandalay Bay, it’s important to understand and be aware of your rights.

Aside from your personal loss and the resulting pain and suffering, there may be the concern of lost income, medical bills, and funeral expenses to keep in mind. When you have lost a loved one unexpectedly or suffered an injury as a direct result of someone’s deliberate actions we know you have entered a dark and trying time. Consequently, your lawyer should maintain the highest standards of both professionalism and sensitivity.

At the law offices of Adam S. Kutner, we handle these special cases delicately and with the discretion and individual attention warranted by the situation.


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