Who Pays For Physical Therapy After Car Accident?

A car accident can leave you with a lot of expenses. You may have a bill from an ambulance ride to the hospital. You may have spent time in the hospital or received treatment in an emergency room or urgent care center. The bills can add up quickly. One of the types of treatment that you may need after a car accident is physical therapy.

Physical therapy is an integral part of your recovery, but it can be expensive. That can make you wonder – Who pays for physical therapy after a car accident? You and your Las Vegas car accident attorney can determine the best course of action to receive compensation for physical therapy if you need it. Here’s what you should know about who pays for physical therapy after a car accident.

Physical Therapy For Car Accident Injuries

The Person Responsible for the Crash Pays for Your Physical Therapy

Under Nevada law, the person who causes your accident is responsible for your physical therapy expenses. If another driver’s actions are the cause the accident that hurts you, the other driver should cover your physical therapy. The purpose of the law is to require the person responsible for the crash to pay for the damages that they cause. Nevada law aims to help make victims whole when they’re hurt because of the actions of someone else.

The rules of legal liability for physical therapy expenses after a car accident are part of Nevada’s rules of negligence. Nevada law requires all drivers to be careful on the road. When a driver acts carelessly, and the result is an accident, the law requires the responsible driver to pay for the damages that they cause. That includes covering physical therapy expenses if victims need physical therapy. Even if you contribute to the accident in some way, you may still be able to recover financially if other factors caused the crash.

How Do I Recover for Physical Therapy Expenses From an Accident?

Most drivers have accident insurance that covers their legal liability for an accident. If you’re in an accident and someone else is to blame, you should be able to submit the claim to their insurance company for payment. You make a claim for your physical therapy expenses along with all of the other costs that you have from the accident. Follow the steps to file an auto accident claim, and present the insurance company with information about your physical therapy expenses as well as all of your types of damages from the accident.

If the other driver’s insurance policy isn’t enough to cover your losses, there are other places that you can look for compensation for your physical therapy expenses. The other driver should pay for all of your physical therapy expenses even if their insurance policy isn’t enough to cover the full amount. They should compensate you directly for additional expenses above the limits of their insurance policy.

Also, your own insurance might cover your physical therapy expenses. If you have uninsured motorist coverage or underinsured motorist insurance, your insurance may help fill in the gap. Alternatively, if your accident involves a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft, there are ways you can appeal to the company directly to receive compensation for your physical therapy expenses.

Proving Your Physical Therapy Expenses

To receive compensation for your physical therapy expenses, it’s important to know exactly what those expenses are. Documenting your expenses dollar-for-dollar is critical. If you have expenses relating to travel to your physical therapy appointments, you can include travel costs in your expenses.

To prove your expenses, keep track of bills for your physical therapy treatment. Keep a record of your appointments. If your case goes to court, you need to be able to prove to the jury what expenses you have for physical therapy. Keeping careful records throughout your treatment can make it easier to prove your claim and get the fair compensation that you need for your therapy.

When Your Injuries Are Long-Term

When you have long-term injuries, you must determine your ongoing physical therapy needs to request compensation. You can work with a medical expert to determine how long you’re going to need physical therapy to make a full recovery. You can include long-term expenses in your claim by estimating your expenses that are likely to continue beyond the resolution of your legal case.

Who Do I Bring a Claim Against for Compensation If I Need Physical Therapy?

To receive compensation for your physical therapy after an accident, you may negotiate directly for fair payment for your claim. If the driver or an insurance company doesn’t agree to pay you fairly for your losses, you can bring a formal legal claim. If the other side’s insurance company doesn’t agree to pay you fairly, you can file a claim against the insurance company. If your own insurance company doesn’t pay you fairly according to the terms of your policy, you might name your own insurance company in the case.

Physical Therapy After Car Crash

When we represent a client, we first work to negotiate fair payment directly with the responsible party and their insurance company. We have experience working with insurance companies to document losses and request fair payment. If the insurance company doesn’t pay, we file a formal claim against the insurance company or the responsible party. You might name one insurance company in your claim. There may be more than one insurance company named in your claim. The other driver may also be a party to your legal claim for physical therapy expenses.

Collecting Compensation for Physical Therapy Costs After an Accident

Physical therapy is only one of the types of expenses that you may receive compensation for after an accident. If you have physical therapy costs, the person who causes the accident should cover your losses. Our team has years of experience helping deserving accident victims collect fair payment for their accident losses.

We can help you value your claim including your physical therapy expenses. If you need physical therapy after an accident, please contact us. We’re happy to review your claim and help you pursue the compensation that you deserve.

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