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If you’ve been in a car accident and have suffered injuries, who will pay for your medical bills? If your vehicle and property has been damaged, how will you cover the cost of replacing it? As the victim of a car accident, you have rights.

You need a Las Vegas car accident attorney that has the experience to fight the insurance companies. As a former insurance defense attorney, Adam S. Kutner has a long standing history as Las Vegas’ injury attorney, and his team of award winning accident lawyers will ensure you get the maximum settlement for your injuries as quickly as possible.

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    With over 30 years practicing personal injury law in the Las Vegas area, Adam S. Kutner, Injury Attorneys have direct experience navigating the Nevada court system helping win settlements quickly so you can get back to your life. Our law firm advocates for car accident victims who need help navigating the legal system and claiming fair compensation for their injuries and suffering. We understand how stressful and overwhelming a car accident can be for victims and their families.

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    We are deeply committed to making sure every car accident victim gets the comprehensive legal representation they deserve. We work diligently to build strong claims for compensation, including medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering. This way you can focus more on your case and possible injuries without worrying about paying a retainer upfront.

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    As a testament to our passion and dedication, the professionals at Adam S. Kutner, Injury Attorneys, have been voted the Best Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

    How We Handle Your Car Accident Injury Claim


    Valuing your case is a crucial part of getting the full amount of compensation you are owed, so we make sure to include all categories of damages possible, including both economic and non-economic damages like pain and suffering and emotional distress. While we are building your case, we also participate in negotiations with the other side in hopes of getting you a settlement before trial. However, we are willing to take your case to trial if the other party doesn’t agree to compensate you fairly for your losses. It’s important not to delay in contacting an experienced car accident attorney to begin working on your case immediately.

    When you work with our Las Vegas car accident attorneys, we have a specialized process in place for successfully building your case for compensation. We take calculated steps to use the legal discovery system to your advantage to build strong evidence to show the other side why you deserve the compensation you are asking for. First, your car accident lawyer works with you to gather all the facts surrounding the crash, including the initial police report.

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    Call us today at (702) 382-0000 anytime to schedule a free consultation. We will work to get you the maximum settlement as quickly as possible.

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    Hiring an Auto Accident Attorney

    If you’re looking for the best car accident attorney Las Vegas has to offer, Adam S. Kutner has built a team of experienced and specialized lawyers who have the skills you need to claim compensation after an auto accident. A Las Vegas car accident lawyer can help you with every step of the process, from collecting evidence to negotiating the maximum settlement for your injuries.

    We know being involved in a car accident is overwhelming and can change your life in an instant. You may have injuries that keep you from working and providing for your family. The medical bills could be piling up and you’re not sure where to turn. The car accident attorneys at Adam S. Kutner, Injury Attorneys, are ready to help you get the financial relief you need now. We’ll fight for your rights, hold the responsible party accountable and ensure you and your family are supported.

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      Common Types of Car Accidents We Handle

      It’s important to remember that every car accident case is unique, but in many of them, there is a level of negligence involved. With car accidents happening every day across the Las Vegas valley, the causes can be drastically different for each. It’s essential to work with a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, NV, to ensure you get the compensation you are rightfully owed under Nevada law.

      The experienced car accident attorneys at Adam S. Kutner, Injury Attorneys, have experience handling the following types of cases:

      It’s not uncommon to see drivers doing activities other than driving while behind the wheel. Distracted driving comes in many forms, including texting or operating a cell phone while driving, programming a GPS, looking for something in the car, eating while driving, talking to passengers in the car, and even looking at something on the side of the road. Under Nevada law, distracted driving is considered negligence and is grounds for a claim for compensation after an accident. Our experienced legal team knows what it takes to prove the other driver was distracted at the time of your accident.

      When a driver decides to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they put everyone on the road at risk. Intoxicated drivers have a much slower reaction time and reduced decision-making capabilities, which can often lead to serious accidents. Recently, Las Vegas has seen an increase in wrong-way fatality accidents as a result of intoxicated drivers. If a drunk or drugged driver has injured you, our Las Vegas car accident lawyers know what steps to take to build a strong claim for compensation for your accident injuries.

      According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and Nevada Highway Patrol, speeding is consistently one of the leading causes of automobile accidents throughout Las Vegas. Under Nevada law, speeding is considered a negligent behavior whether the driver is only a few miles per hour over or many miles per hour over the speed limit. When a driver is speeding, they do not have sufficient time to stop in the case of an emergency. Additionally, excess speed can make the accident worse and lead to serious accident injuries such as broken bones, traumatic brain injury, and whiplash.

      Aggressive and reckless driving can take many forms, including weaving in and out of traffic, excessive speeds, dangerous turns, street racing, and not obeying traffic signals and signs. Reckless driving is considered negligent as those drivers put all other motorists at risk by not driving as carefully as they should. Our car accident attorneys can help you build the evidence you need to prove the other driver was engaged in reckless driving.

      Drowsy driving and falling asleep at the wheel is a serious problem for all drivers but is especially prevalent with commercial tractor-trailer drivers. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, as many as 72,000 accidents happen every year in the U.S. as a result of driving while fatigued. Drowsy driving is considered grounds for legal liability as it puts all other drivers on the road at risk for accidents and injuries. Our car accident lawyers can help you prove drowsy driving negligence was a factor in your auto accident.

      In a minor car accident or fender bender, there are several types of damages available to you after being injured. Depending on your injuries, you may be able to claim compensation for delayed injuries, such as whiplash and concussions, which are not always recognizable at the scene of an accident. In any small accident where the claim isn’t straight forward, it’s helpful to have an attorney for a fender bender. When there are questions, a unique scenario or disputes, the attorney can help uncover the facts and protect your rights as a car accident victim.

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      Guide: What You Need to Know About Being in a Motor Vehicle Accident

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      FAQs About Car Accident Cases

      Yes, you can sue the other driver after a car accident if they were negligent, and the negligent behavior caused the crash and your injuries. The driver that causes the accident is liable for your damages. Nevada uses a modified comparative negligence system that says as long as you are not found to be 50% or more responsible for the crash, you can recover compensation when you sue someone after a car crash. However, you may need to work with a car accident attorney in Las Vegas to prove the other driver was at fault, and if you cannot prove that element, your claim may be denied.

      No, most car accident cases don’t go to court. Most car accident cases reach a resolution by agreement before the trial date. In some cases, the parties reach a settlement before a formal legal case even begins. Even if a car accident case has a few court hearings, they’re usually just preliminary hearings and not a trial. The evidence-building process and alternative dispute resolution proceedings like mediation facilitate the settlement of the vast majority of car accident cases.

      To file a police report in Las Vegas, you may make a report online. You can also find your local police station and make a report in person. Also, if you call the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department non-emergency number, (702) 828-3111, they can take your information and help you make a report. If you’re in North Las Vegas, you may call the non-emergency number (702) 633-9111 to make a report.

      In Nevada, full insurance coverage is $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident for bodily injury and an additional $50,000 for property damage. You must also have $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident in uninsured motorist coverage. Although these are the minimum amounts, you may purchase more than the minimum amounts of insurance. The full insurance amounts in Nevada are only the lowest amount of coverage that you need to drive in the state lawfully.

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      Adam Kutner Reviews & Testimonials

      “We were in a car accident – we were coming off of the interstate and were waiting – yielding at the exit and a car sped through the exit and smacked us in the rear.

      It was definitely scary especially because we had our baby in the car. My husband and I and our baby in the back seat. We definitely – immediately went back in and checked on her to make sure she was okay.

      We definitely had back pains my daughter had headaches. She kept holding her head and crying. It was pretty bad.

      I remember seeing a couple billboards and a friend of mine did say they had a pleasant experience with Adam Kutner, so we called them right up.

      They definitely were thorough, and you could tell just by talking to the people in the office that they genuinely cared about their clients.

      They contacted us saying you know, explain the process on how the settlement gets done and about a week after that happened we had our settlement which was great and in my opinion Adam S. Kutner is the best attorney in Las Vegas.”

      Janae Reynolds. 5/5 Stars


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