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The experienced spinal cord injury attorneys at Adam S. Kutner, Injury Attorneys, can represent you if you’ve unfortunately suffered a spinal cord injury. We can help you understand your legal rights and what financial compensation may be possible. If you have a legal claim, our team can represent you and work to get you the justice you deserve. Call our skilled Las Vegas spinal cord injury attorneys today for a free consultation.

Our injury attorneys work diligently to build strong claims for compensation, including medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering. Adam S. Kutner has helped more than 50,000 clients receive financial compensation. He understands and empathizes with your case and will lead your legal team from start to finish.


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    With over 33 years practicing personal injury law in the Las Vegas area, Adam S. Kutner, Injury Attorneys, has direct experience navigating the Nevada court system and helping win spinal cord injury settlements quickly so you can return to your life.

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    This lets you focus more on your recovery without worrying about paying a retainer upfront. Our experienced spinal cord injury lawyers are deeply committed to ensuring you get the comprehensive legal representation you deserve. Let us handle the legal aspects as you focus on your healing journey.

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    Our team practices only personal injury law, so we have the experience to handle the complexities that you may face in your case. Our team chooses lawyers based on their ability to handle personal injury cases.

    Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

    There are two types of injury — complete and incomplete. A complete injury is one in which the victim has no sensation or voluntary motor movement on either side of the body below the level of the injury. If the victim has some feeling or partial movement, it is an incomplete injury.

    Injuries are further defined by the area of the spine affected. For example, an injury to the spine in the neck area involves the cervical vertebrae, so an injury to the nerves at the fifth cervical vertebra would be called a C-5 injury. Below the neck are the thoracic vertebrae, so injuries there would be defined as T-1, T-2, and so on. Beyond that are the lumbar and sacral vertebrae; injuries in those areas are named similarly.

    An injury to your spinal cord can change your life. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may face a lifetime of discomfort and restricted movements. In severe cases, spinal cord injuries can leave a person paralyzed.

    The spinal cord is divided into three sections. Each of these sections has a different function in the body. Additionally, damage to each section can cause various problems to the injured party.

    Severe damage to the cervical (neck) area of the spine can lead to total paralysis, quadriplegia, paraplegia, loss of respiratory functions, loss of sensation, and possible loss of body functions. Lesser injuries could cause each of these problems temporarily or create a lot of discomfort and restricted movements.

    Damage to the thoracic (middle) spine can cause paraplegia, loss of abdominal muscle control and movement, and loss of manual dexterity. Less severe damage to this area can cause restricted movement and discomfort.

    Injuries to the lumbar and sacral (lower) parts of the spine can cause loss of movement to the legs or loss of control of leg muscles, loss of sexual function, and loss of bladder control. Even minor injuries to this area may cause a person to use a wheelchair for life.

    Extended Treatment for Spinal Injuries

    Most people that have a spinal injury usually have to endure extended amounts of time in recovery. Extensive therapy and medical treatments will be required for you to recover from the accident. The responsible party must make sure that these expenses are covered.

    In addition to these medical expenses, the responsible party must also pay compensation for the financial losses you have incurred due to the accident. This includes loss of current and possibly future income, retirement benefits, and other losses you have suffered.

    Insurance companies are often aggressive regarding closing spinal cord injury cases. They know from experience that these injuries can be very complicated, and they try to close them fast to save their company money. Your attorney will be just as aggressive in protecting your rights as a victim and ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to under Nevada law. It is essential to have legal representation from when the injury occurred to ensure your rights remain protected.

    For more information on spinal cord injuries, you can visit the Mayo Clinic.

    Ways that spinal injury lawsuits can arise

    Here are some of the ways that spinal injury lawsuits can arise:

    However your spinal cord injury occurred, you may deserve financial compensation. Our team investigates why the injury occurred and analyzes the law to determine your legal rights and what your case might be worth. If you’re suffering from a spinal cord injury, our team can consult about your legal rights and the strengths of your potential legal claim.

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    Can I sue for a spinal cord injury?

    Yes, you can. The average settlement for spinal cord injury is commonly above $100,000 or even much more because of the severity of the injuries, even exceeding one million dollars. A spinal cord injury settlement is often very high because of life-changing injuries, including possible paralysis. Although it’s essential to understand the average amounts, what you deserve in your case depends on many factors, including your actual injuries, the physical limitations that result, and the pain and suffering associated with your injuries.

    How do you prove a spinal cord injury?

    You prove a spinal cord injury with medical evidence. You go to the doctors who can investigate further. With medical evidence like X-rays, scans, and other diagnostic tests, these medical professionals can speak to your injuries. They can provide information about the injury’s nature, limitations, and treatments you need going forward. In addition, you and other lay witnesses supplement this testimony by talking about your experience and the suffering you are experiencing.

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    Can I get a back injury settlement without surgery?

    Yes, it’s possible to get a back injury settlement without surgery. What matters to settling is that you can document your injuries. Ensuring you include your projected future medical treatment in your claim is critical to receiving justice. Having surgery isn’t necessarily a reason to delay a settlement; however, it’s important not to settle for only a fraction of your actual damages. Our experienced attorneys for spinal cord injuries in Las Vegas can help you with the specifics of knowing when to settle your case and how to evaluate current and future damages.

    Will my spinal cord injury case go to trial?

    Most spinal cord injury cases do not go to trial. However, as the victim, you have some influence on what happens in your case. As we build the evidence, it’s our goal to put you in the best possible position from a legal standpoint. Then, we will negotiate your settlement. Whether you accept a settlement offer is up to you, but we give you informed advice as you decide. Let our team help you evaluate your case’s specifics and whether it will likely go to trial.

    Do your spinal cord injury attorneys offer free consultations?

    Yes! Our Las Vegas spinal cord injury attorneys offer free consultations. We want you to feel comfortable with your case and the services that we have to offer. That’s why we never charge for your initial consultation. You can see how our fee agreements work, and we can represent you at no cost unless you win your case. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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    Don’t settle with insurance companies

    We know how insurance companies try to get you to sign a settlement quickly without allowing you the opportunity to understand the extent of your losses entirely. Minimizing legitimate spinal cord injury claims is how the insurance company makes money, and we are dedicated to ensuring this never happens to you.

    With our qualified injury lawyers, you have the peace of mind of knowing you have a strong advocate to fight to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

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      Building Your Case

      When you work with our Las Vegas injury attorneys, we have a specialized process for successfully building your case for compensation. We take calculated steps to use the legal discovery system to your advantage to build strong evidence to show the other side why you deserve the compensation you are asking for. First, our injury attorneys work with you to gather all the facts surrounding the incident, including the initial police or injury report. We may also investigate the actual scene of the accident, if possible. Next, we utilize our extensive network of specialists, including accident reconstruction experts, medical specialists, vocational experts, and forensic specialists, to help us use the facts of your accident to prove what is asserted in your claim.

      We may also work with your doctor to identify your prognosis and a complete care plan for recovery. We file essential legal documents throughout your case, including the initial complaint, a summons, and motions if necessary. Our skilled Las Vegas spinal cord injury lawyers also work to diligently and accurately value your claim. Valuing your case is a crucial part of getting the total compensation you are owed, so we make sure to include all categories of damages possible, including economic and non-economic damages like pain and suffering. While building your case, we also negotiate with the other side in hopes of getting you a settlement before trial. However, we will take your case to trial if the other party doesn’t agree to compensate you fairly for your injuries. It’s important not to delay contacting an experienced injury attorney to begin working on your case immediately.

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