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    The skilled legal team at Adam S. Kutner, Injury Attorneys have a proud tradition of helping victims of all kinds of accidents. Whether you’re hurt in a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, slip and fall or any other type of personal injury accident, we have the skills and experience to fight for justice for you.

    You may deserve compensation under Nevada law. We can help you pursue your claim as your experienced and determined injury attorneys in Summerlin.

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    Summerlin Car Accident Attorneys

    Nevada is an at-fault state when it comes to car accidents. If you’re hurt because of someone else’s driving error, they may owe you compensation for your injuries. Even if your actions may have contributed to the accident, our car accident attorneys can explain how you still may be able to recover for your damages.

    Drunk driving accident victims have the right to civil compensation for a wide range of damages. The burden to win your case is lower in a civil case than it is in a criminal case, so you may have a legal claim regardless of whether the drunk driver faces criminal charges. Let our drunk driving accident attorneys help you understand what your case may be worth.

    Summerlin Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

    Nevada law says that motorcycle riders enjoy the full use of the roads with the same rights that all drivers have on the road. When you’re hurt, our motorcycle accident attorneys want to help you make it right. We can build the evidence to help you prove your claim and fight for your rights as a proud motorcyclist in Nevada.

    Summerlin Truck Accident Attorneys

    If you’re the victim of a truck accident, we can help you determine your rights. Truck drivers have a high duty to drive carefully and reasonably for the benefit of others on the roads. When you’re hurt in a truck accident in Nevada, our truck accident attorneys are there to help you prove your case and pursue fair compensation.

    Summerlin Personal Injury Lawyers

    Our team handles all types of Summerlin personal injury cases. No two cases are alike. If you’re hurt because of the actions of someone else, you may have the right to compensation for your losses. Don’t assume that you don’t have a case. Nevada laws protect injury victims in a wide variety of circumstances. Contact us to evaluate your case and learn your options.

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