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All injuries to the brain are unique. A light blow to the head may give one person a headache for an hour or two, while the same impact could cause irreparable damage to another person. Perhaps the most significant legal issue is proving the full extent of the victim’s injuries. Brain injuries can be challenging to diagnose. If you’ve recently suffered a brain injury, it may not be immediately clear whether you can recover fully shortly after it. It can be hard to know the medical prognosis and whether you can live a normal life in the future.

Our traumatic brain injury team recognizes these serious issues, and we’re sorry you’re dealing with this unfortunate experience. We can help you work with the right medical professionals, and they can thoroughly investigate your medical condition. Armed with that information, we’ll know what damages to claim on your behalf and have the evidence to prove your case. When you work with our experienced counsel, no stone is left unturned, and you can rest knowing your claim fully represents your losses and rights. Let us take care of the legal aspects as you focus on your health and your road to recovery.


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    Traumatic brain injury litigation

    Without visible, physical injuries, can I win my case?

    Yes, you can win your case for a traumatic brain injury even if you don’t have visible, physical injuries. Any kind of brain trauma is a physical injury that may qualify you for compensation. In fact, many very serious brain injuries have no outward, visible signs at all. The most important thing to win your case is medical proof the injury occurred. Our legal team helps victims with injuries that are serious or mild. If you’re unfortunately hurt, we invite you to meet with our legal team to learn about your rights and options.

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    How much compensation will I get for a brain injury?

    How much compensation you will get for a brain injury depends on several factors. These factors include:

    • The severity of your injuries
    • How obvious it is that the other side is at legal fault
    • The ability of the responsible party to pay the claim

    You should get compensation for a brain injury that accounts for your monetary losses, like medical bills and lost wages. You should also get compensation for pain and suffering in proportion to how bad your injuries are.

    Can you sue for post-concussion syndrome?

    Yes, you can sue for post-concussion syndrome. Post-concussion syndrome is a type of brain injury that can occur when you’re hurt in a personal injury accident.

    Symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, and vertigo can occur for months or years after an accident. When post-concussion syndrome symptoms persist like this, the injury can become the basis of a lawsuit months after the accident was reported.

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    What are the laws for brain injuries in Nevada?

    The laws for traumatic brain injury lawsuits in Nevada are based on negligence. The legal standard for monetary compensation for a brain injury is being hurt because the defendant failed to behave in a careful manner. It’s based on what a reasonable person should do in the same situation. You must win the case by a preponderance of the evidence, and the verdict does not have to be unanimous.

    The different types of brain injuries

    There are several different types of head injuries. If the trauma results in damage to the skull itself, such as a crack or break, the trauma is considered a penetrating head injury.

    More difficult to diagnose are closed head injuries, where the skull is not obviously damaged, but the brain is still injured. This can occur from a blow, impact, or severe back-and-forth motion, such as whiplash.

    The brain is a very complex and delicate organ. Scientists have yet to discover all of the functions of the brain and its capabilities. However, they do know the brain can be injured very easily, and the damage can last a lifetime. If that occurs, learning how to treat a brain injury is important.

    The brain may also be injured from being shaken. This can occur in an auto accident when a severe jolt is felt by the body, like when a vehicle is impacted by another. Whiplash to the neck is only one of the injuries that can occur when this happens.

    Brain injuries can lead to loss of motor skills, memory, or bodily functions. It can also cause changes to the personality, with quick-to-anger responses being the most common change. These changes to body functions and personality traits can become permanent if the damage is severe.

    When a person suffers from traumatic brain injury (TBI), it may take years of therapy and other treatments to recover. In some severe cases, recovery may not be possible. Because of this, it is very important that anyone who received a TBI due to the negligence of another person or business seek legal representation.

    Get help if you have signs of a brain injury

    A medical professional should evaluate you after sustaining a blow to the head or experiencing whiplash-like injuries to determine if you have encountered a TBI.

    Even if symptoms are so slight you don’t realize a serious injury has occurred, treatment should still be sought before a further injury can develop. Often the symptoms may be delayed for many hours until swelling in the brain reaches a point that it affects you.

    If one of your loved ones has unfortunately experienced the pain and trauma associated with brain injuries in the Las Vegas area, please contact our offices today to discuss your options so you can get back to your life as quickly as possible.

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