The Adam Kutner Cares Initiative

It is with great pleasure that we announce a new initiative that we’ve undertaken to help improve the community of Las Vegas and strengthen the work of local charities. That initiative is called Adam Kutner Cares, and it will serve as a platform for giving back in for helping others take part in worthwhile causes … Continued

Mass Transit Personal Injury Claims

Every day nearly 200,000 people use mass transit in Las Vegas. With such a large number of people using these services, and the large amount of mass transit vehicles present in the area, it is easy to understand how mass transit accidents occur. What Are Mass Transit Personal Injuries? Mass transit injuries are any type … Continued

Pedestrian Fatalities in Las Vegas for 2015 on the Rise

The first six months of 2015 have been very dangerous for pedestrians in the Las Vegas area. At this time, there have been more recorded pedestrian deaths in Las Vegas than in the same time period for the previous year. Add to the fact that in 2012, Las Vegas ranked 15th in the United States … Continued

Social Media’s Evidence Role in Personal Injury Cases

Social media has become the most used type of Internet sites in the world. People love the access it provides to their family and friends. However, insurance companies also enjoy the access that it provides to people that are suing them for accident compensation. Everyone must understand that when you file a personal injury claim, … Continued