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A boat accident in Las Vegas, NVIf you’ve been in a boating accident on the waterways around Las Vegas, you need an experienced attorney on your side.

In 2006 there were approximately 300,000 boats registered in the state of Nevada. Nationwide, hundreds of people still die every year in recreational boating collisions. In 2000, there were 10,984 water vessels involved in 7,740 recreational boating accidents resulting in 701 fatalities and 4,355 injuries.

Boating Accident Causes

Most boating accidents are preventable accidents caused by operator inexperience or inattention. Statistically, 84% of all boating fatalities occur on boats where the operator has not completed a boating safety education course. The primary causes of accidents include careless operation, inexperience, and operating at unsafe speeds. These common causes are also prevalent on local bodies of water like Lake Mead.

When A Boating Accident Occurs

Being involved in a boating accident can be very frightening and confusing. The steps that you take when the accident occurs will impact everything from your safety to your right to seek compensation for damages. It is important to try and follow these steps when you are involved in a boating accident.

  • Distress Call. Do not delay in calling for help. During this time of panic, many people forget to try and get help from the authorities. If possible, radio immediately for help or send up a signal flare to notify authorities of distress.
  • Assess Drowning Risk. Hopefully, everyone in the boats had life jackets on at the time of the crash. If not, try to make sure that everyone is safe from drowning. It may be a little difficult to get flotation devices on an injured person. If this is the case, try to make sure that actions are taken to keep them safe until help arrives. Remember that the seat cushion in the boat will float.
  • Check For Potential Dangers Around The Boat. Look for leaking fuel and oil. Look for smoke or possible fire. Being on the water makes getting away from a potentially dangerous vehicle a little more difficult. Have flotation devices ready to abandon ship quickly if necessary.
  • Get Immediate Medical Attention. As soon as rescue efforts have been completed, it is important to seek immediate medical care for any injuries that you received. It is important to have everything evaluated by a medical professional, even if you believe that the injury as minor.
  • Report The Accident 

As soon as you are physically stabilized, it is important to try and remember all the details relating to the accident. If you are able, write them down. If not, have someone record everything that you remember. Try to remember all the little details, including weather conditions and anything you may have seen or heard right before the accident. This will be very important later on when you are filing for compensation.

Boat wreck near dockIt is also very important for you to seek legal representation before speaking with the insurance provider of the at-fault party. Many insurance companies want to be very quick with a settlement offer so that they can close the case. These quick settlements, however, often do not cover all of the true losses that the injured party endured. Speaking with an attorney will protect your rights as a victim.


When operating a recreational vessel, steps can be taken to prevent a boating accident or to minimize the damage if an accident occurs:

  1. Always wear life jackets and dress for possible immersion.
  2. Be aware that cold weather is more dangerous: there are fewer boaters and patrols to rescue those in distress, and the water is much colder.
  3. Do not drink alcohol while on the water.
  4. When in larger bodies of water, take advantage of available distress-alerting and position-indicating technologies.

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*Source: U.S. Coast Guard (2000) for all facts and figures