Product Liability Lawyers Las Vegas

Our product liability lawyers can assist you if you’re the victim of a malfunctioning defect. Our skilled legal team is ready to fight for you to help you get the compensation that you deserve when you’re hurt because of a dangerous product.

If you’re injured because of a bad product, our design defect and product liability lawyers can help you evaluate your case, bring your claim and pursue justice in the Nevada legal system.

Manufacturing and Product Design Defect Attorneys in Las Vegas

Having experienced manufacturing and design defect attorneys on your side can give you the edge when it comes to pursuing every aspect of the claim. At Adam S. Kutner & Associates, we’re committed to helping victims of manufacturing and design defects.

When our team represents you, we handle every step of the case including the emergency preservation of evidence, preparation and filing of your claim, building a strong case, and the case resolution process. We speak on your behalf in court and give you honest, informative advice about whether you should accept a settlement or proceed to trial in your case. We want our design defect clients to be successful, and our skill and experience set us apart in helping you get the relief that you deserve.

Types of Cases Our Nevada Product Liability Attorneys Handle

Our determined, experienced lawyers handle the complete range of products liability claims including:

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Design defects
  • Failure to warn
  • Breach of implied warranty of merchantability
  • Breach of express warranty
  • Negligence

Nevada law imposes a high duty on products manufacturers to sell only products that are safe. Manufacturers are responsible for the entire production process including design and manufacturing. If they offer a warranty with the product, they must honor the warranty. In addition, all products come with a warranty that their products are fit for the purpose they’re intended for. In addition to bringing a claim for a defective product based on products liability, you may also qualify to bring a claim based on traditional, personal injury negligence.

What Can I Recover With the Help of a Nevada Defective Product Lawyer?

If you work with our Las Vegas defective products lawyers, we will ensure that you correctly claim all of the kinds of compensation that you may deserve. We help you explore all of the many types of compensation that may apply to your case.

All of your financial losses may be included in your claim. The costs of medical treatment, rehabilitation, lost work, and even projected career interruptions could all be valued as part of your claim. Compensation for mental injuries, physical suffering, and emotional anguish can also be included. Damages for mental and emotional injuries are often hard to quantify, but we help you gather the evidence that you need to prove your claim.

Manufacturing Defects Attorneys in Las Vegas

A manufacturing defect occurs when an error happens during the production process. When a product has a manufacturing defect, the product doesn’t work the way that it’s supposed to. It may be the only product of its kind with the defect, or it may be one of many products with errors. Our attorneys for manufacturing defects in Nevada can help you assert your rights.

Product Design Defect Attorneys in Las Vegas

Design defects occur when a product manufacturer designs a product poorly. If a product manufacturer develops a product in a way that’s unsafe based on available technology at the time of the product’s creation, they may be responsible for a design defect. When a bad product design causes an injury, our legal team can help you demonstrate the product design defects and bring your claim.

Failure to Warn Attorneys in Las Vegas

When you buy a product, the seller must tell you how to use the product safely. If there are dangers that aren’t obvious or ways that you must use the product to avoid risk, the product manufacturer must provide a clear and visible warning. We have the skill and training to help you assert your claim.

Breach of Implied Warranty Attorneys in Las Vegas

Any product that you purchase comes with an implied warranty that the product is going to work for its intended purpose. When a product fails to work as intended, the manufacturer may face legal liability under the theory of breach of implied warranty. Our Las Vegas injury attorneys are here to help.

Breach of Express Warranty Attorneys in Las Vegas

When a company guarantees that a product is going to work for a certain period of time, they must honor their claim. Any manufacturer that offers a warranty with their product has an obligation to honor the warranty. If a product manufacturer doesn’t honor their warranty, our breach of express warranty attorneys in Las Vegas are here to help you request the compensation that you deserve.

How Do I Bring a Defective Products Claim in Las Vegas?

When we represent you, we handle every aspect of the claim on your behalf. Our team helps you understand the things you can be doing right now to build your claim. We work with you to build the evidence of your damages while we take steps to gather witnesses, work with experts to explain the events in your case, and demand preservation of critical evidence.

We prepare court documents quickly and with precision. Our team advocates for you until your case resolves including through trial and appeals. With skill and determination, we don’t stop until our team gets you a fair result that gives you the relief that you deserve.

Contact Our Las Vegas Product Liability Attorneys

If you’ve been injured because a product malfunctioned, we invite you to contact our team of experienced product defect attorneys. Let us show you how we can help you claim compensation for your losses because of a defective product.

At Adam S. Kutner & Associates, we offer skilled, personal, and compassionate representation to all victims of defective products. Our team can represent your interests and advocate on your behalf. There’s no cost to speak with a member of our team about your case. Your time to file a claim may be limited, so call us today to begin.