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The Insurance Information Institute reports that about 10 percent of all drivers don’t have Nevada’s required car insurance. Even though car insurance is mandatory for all drivers, if you happen to be in an accident in Nevada, there’s about a one-in-ten chance that the other driver isn’t going to have insurance.

Maybe you came to this page because you were, unfortunately, already in an accident without insurance. So what happens in a car accident without insurance? Here’s what you need to know from our experienced Las Vegas car accident lawyers.


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    Nevada car accidents with no insurance

    In some ways, when one or both drivers in a car accident lacks insurance, the process is no different than when the parties have the required insurance. In other ways, it’s different, and the operator or owner of the uninsured vehicle faces fines and other penalties. What happens exactly depends on whether you’re the one without insurance and who is at fault for the accident.

    If you have insurance and the other party is at fault

    When the other party doesn’t have insurance, and you’re not at fault for the accident, you can still bring a claim against the at-fault driver. You begin by looking at the other party’s assets for recovery. They would pay for your damages through their insurance policy if they had insurance. But since they don’t have insurance, that’s not an option. However, you may still recover from their personal assets. You may file a claim against the responsible party and then use the legal process to find their assets and collect the judgment in your favor.

    You should also look at your own insurance policy to see what coverage you have. Many drivers have insurance called uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. This kind of insurance is exactly what it sounds like. It pays you directly if an accident is the other driver’s fault and they don’t have enough insurance. After your insurance policy pays you for an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim, the insurer can do something called subrogation. During subrogation, your insurance provider takes steps to recover their payment to you from the person responsible for the accident.

    If you have insurance and you’re at fault

    If you’re the one with insurance and you’re at fault for the accident, the fact that the other driver isn’t insured shouldn’t have any bearing on the claim. They may still bring a claim against you. However, your liability insurance should cover the damages against you up to your policy limit.

    If you don’t have insurance and the other party is at fault

    When you don’t have insurance, and the other party is at fault for the accident, you can still bring a claim against them. You can collect for your damages as you would if you had the required insurance. However, you’re still subject to proceedings that relate to the fact that you drove a vehicle without insurance.

    Nevada law 485.187(1)(a) says that operating a vehicle without insurance is illegal. Nevada law 485.187(2) states that allowing someone else to operate your car without insurance is illegal. You must present proof of insurance to a police officer who requests it.

    Driving without insurance in Nevada is a misdemeanor. The fine for a first offense is $100. It may be as high as $1,000 for subsequent offenses.

    If you present evidence to the court that you had insurance in effect at the time of the accident, the court must find you not guilty and waive the fine. The Department of Motor Vehicles may start a process to suspend your driver’s license unless you get insurance or make a monetary deposit with the DMV. You have a right to a hearing about the suspension of your license, but you must request the hearing within 15 days.

    If you don’t have insurance and you’re at fault for the accident

    If you cause an accident and don’t have insurance, you’re personally liable for 100 percent of the other party’s damages. While an insurance company might have stepped in to pay the damages, you must pay the other driver out of pocket because you don’t have insurance. You can’t avoid liability because you didn’t get insurance.

    The other side may bring a lawsuit against you and seize your assets for compensation. You should aggressively minimize your legal liability if you’re accused of causing an accident without insurance. You have a right to contest liability in the case.

    In addition to civil damages, you also face a misdemeanor charge and driver’s license suspension proceedings. You have a right to a hearing on all matters against you. If you fail to respond to the charges, you face a default suspension of your driver’s license.

    What happens if your insurance lapses in Nevada?

    If your insurance lapses in Nevada, you can’t register a motor vehicle. If you drive without car insurance, you violate Nevada law 485.187. When an accident involves an uninsured person, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles suspends the driver’s license of the owner of the uninsured vehicle, the driver, or both.

    What happens if I crash and I’m not on the insurance?

    If you crash and are not on the insurance, you may face criminal and civil penalties. When you’re at fault for the crash, the other party may file a claim against you personally for compensation. In cases where the accident is the other driver’s fault, you may still bring a legal claim against them and their insurance policy, just like you would if you had insurance.

    What happens when your auto insurance lapses?

    When your auto insurance lapses, you don’t have coverage if you’re in an accident. You may be personally liable for the resulting damages if an accident occurs. In addition, if you’re driving in a state that requires you to have insurance, you face a criminal charge that likely includes a monetary fine and other penalties.

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