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What Is the Average Car Accident Settlement?

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When you’re hurt in a car accident, it’s only natural to start wondering about the possibility of financial recovery. You want to know what you can expect to receive in monetary compensation, how long it’s going to take to get paid, and what you need to do to win your case. Our car accident attorneys explain what you need to know.

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    Average Auto Accident Settlement

    The average settlement agreement is $15,4431 for accidents with physical injuries. For property damage only, the average settlement is $3,231. The final amount depends on the losses of the victim, the insurance policy of the responsible party, and the laws that apply to the case.

    How Much Money Can You Get From a Car Accident Settlement?

    How much money you get from a car accident settlement depends on your losses and damages. A car accident settlement should be the sum total of your financial losses plus an additional amount for your pain and suffering. To receive money from a car accident settlement, you must meet the legal standards for compensation based on the laws of your state.

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    Typical Car Accident Settlement

    Trying to determine a typical settlement is kind of like comparing apples and oranges. The amount you should expect and aim for depends on a lot of different factors. Each situation is personal and unique to the individual who is making the claim.

    Nevada is an at-fault state. That means a victim can make a claim even if they have only minor injuries or property damage from the accident. There are many more lawsuits and settlements in at-fault states than there are in no-fault states.

    Of course, that means the typical settlement is going to be lower in at-fault states. But it doesn’t mean that victims in at-fault states have fewer rights or worse outcomes than victims in no-fault states. It simply means that there’s a different system in place.

    What to Expect for Your Car Accident Settlement

    To determine what kind of settlement to expect in your case, you need to look at several factors. Some of the things that can impact the value include the following:

    The more severe and long-lasting your injuries are, the higher your settlement should be. The purpose of a claim is to fairly compensate you for your losses and damages. Therefore, if you have serious injuries, you deserve a larger sum. The amount you receive should be proportional to the seriousness of your injuries.

    An award should fairly compensate you for your physical injuries in addition to your financial losses. Medical bills, lost income, and property damage are categories of financial losses for which you can make a claim.

    The laws in your state impact the amount of your settlement. While all of the states hope to compensate victims fairly, there are subtle differences in the laws between states that can impact the value of your claim.

    When you’re negotiating a car accident settlement, the strength of the case can make a difference in the amount that you receive. The more obvious it is that the other side is at fault, the higher your car accident settlement is going to be. If there’s room for debate, both sides have to decide whether to resolve the case by agreement or go to trial. The gray area can reduce a settlement from what it might be if the fault is evident in the case.

    The person responsible for the accident must have the resources to pay a claim. Most people have insurance to pay a claim. A robust insurance policy can make a car accident settlement higher. The limits of the insurance policy and the specific coverage in place can impact a car accident settlement. In some cases, both the at-fault driver and the victim may have insurance policies that impact the amount of the car accident settlement.

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    What Is a Fair Settlement for a Car Accident?

    A fair settlement fully compensates the victim for their financial losses and emotional suffering. This may include compensation for:

    In addition to your damages, the law matters too; if you have a great case based on the law that applies in your state, a fair settlement should be higher than when there’s room for doubt about the facts or the law.

    What Are Some Of The Biggest Settlements Ever Won?

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    • $247 million was awarded to the Texas Estate of McPherson in 2018 for a truck accident that resulted in the victim’s death.
    • $242 million was awarded in Texas in 2017 for an accident that caused a brain injury and was found to be caused by defective back seats of a Toyota.
    • $129 million was awarded in Georgia in 2017 for the wrongful death of one passenger and the quadriplegia of another passenger due to the accident.
    • $80 million was awarded in Georgia in 2016 for an accident involving a truck driver that collided with a line of cars that killed 5 people.
    • $28 million was awarded by Washington State in 2015 to a driver who claimed a car accident that resulted in the victim’s quadriplegia was caused by the state’s negligence to maintain safe road conditions.

    How Do I Maximize My Car Accident Settlement?

    To maximize your award, you must build the evidence in your case and aggressively prepare your legal strategy. Part of maximizing an accident settlement means building a strong case by interviewing witnesses, developing tangible evidence, and using the legal process to make your legal position stronger.

    Another essential part of maximizing a settlement is negotiating effectively with the other side. Getting the maximum settlement requires a comprehensive legal strategy that builds your case from all angles.

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    Are you wondering about the value of your car accident case? Do you want to maximize your car accident settlement? Our attorneys can meet with you to give you an informed opinion about the value of your individual case. Contact our attorneys today for a free information session and consultation.


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