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Our Las Vegas bicycle accident attorneys can help you if you’re hurt in a bicycle accident in Las Vegas. When you’re injured in an accident while riding your bike, you may have serious injuries. You may not be able to work or ride your bicycle. Nevada is an at-fault state for bicycle accidents. As the injured victim, you may have the right to claim compensation for your injuries.

Bicycle injuries require an experienced lawyer. Although you have the right to seek compensation, you must take affirmative steps to exercise your rights. That means gathering the information and the evidence that you need and taking formal steps to claim financial recovery. If you’ve been injured in a bike accident, you need a personal injury lawyer to fight your bicycle injury case for you. Our attorneys have accomplished impressive results for their clients in these kinds of cases.

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Why Should We Handle Your Bicycle Accident Case?

We Have the Experience

With over 28 years practicing personal injury law in the Las Vegas area, Adam S. Kutner & Associates have direct experience navigating the Nevada court system helping win settlements quickly so you can get back to your life.

No Fees Unless We Win

This way you can focus more on your case and possible injuries without worrying about paying a retainer upfront. At Adam S. Kutner & Associates, our personal injury lawyers are deeply committed to making sure every bike accident victim gets the comprehensive legal representation they deserve.

Your Bicycle Accident Case Is Our Priority

Our personal injury attorneys work diligently to build strong claims for compensation, including medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering.

Our Team Is the Best in the Las Vegas Valley

As proud members of this community, we know that our clients are our neighbors, and when they are hurt in an accident, we make it our mission to ensure they are represented with care as though they are our family.

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Building Your Case for Compensation

When you work with our Las Vegas law office, we have a specialized process in place for successfully building your case for compensation. We take calculated steps to use the legal discovery system to your advantage to build strong evidence to show the other side why you deserve the compensation you are asking for. First, your injury lawyer works with you to gather all the facts surrounding the accident, including the initial police report. If possible, they may also investigate the actual scene of the accident. Next, we utilize our extensive network of specialists, including accident reconstruction experts, medical specialists, vocational experts, and forensic specialists to help us use the facts of your injury to prove what is asserted in your claim.

Throughout your case, we file essential legal documents, including the initial complaint, a summons, and motions if necessary. Our injury attorneys also work to diligently and accurately value your claim. Valuing your case is a crucial part of getting the full amount of compensation you are owed, so we make sure to include all categories of damages possible, including both economic and non-economic damages like pain and suffering and emotional distress. While we are building your case, we also participate in negotiations with the other side in hopes of getting you a settlement before trial. However, we are willing to take your case to trial if the other party doesn’t agree to compensate you fairly for your losses. It’s important not to delay in contacting an experienced attorney to begin working on your case immediately.

Do I Need a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Las Vegas?

When you’re hurt in a bicycle accident, it can be tempting to want to resolve the case as quickly as possible. You may even receive a settlement offer from the insurance company. Don’t make the mistake of accepting the settlement and closing the case before you speak to an experienced bicycle accident attorney in Las Vegas. There are a number of ways that legal representation can help you maximize the compensation that you receive in your case.

Your attorney helps you maximize the compensation in your case with all of the following on your behalf:

  • Investigating your claim to determine your legal rights and the best legal strategy
  • Exploration of the best way to pursue compensation; ex. through the driver’s insurance, your own insurance, or a claim against a third-party like a business or government entity.
  • Valuation of your case
  • Preparation of a demand letter
  • All communications with the insurance company; negotiations with the insurance company
  • Drafting legal documents
  • Compliance with legal procedure
  • Speaking on your behalf in court
  • Filing pre-trial motions and defending against motions from the defense
  • Examination of things that may complicate your case and ways to minimize those challenges
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Presentation of the case at trial
  • Appeals
  • Collection of judgment

As you can see, there are many steps that are necessary to ensure that you get fair compensation for your claim. From start to finish, your Las Vegas bicycle accident attorneys advocate for you. They handle everything on your behalf so that you have the legal advocacy that you need and deserve to get the best result for your bicycle accident claim.

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Why Choose Adam S. Kutner & Associates?

When you’re looking for the right bicycle accident lawyers in Las Vegas, the attorneys at Adam S. Kutner & Associates stand apart. The team at Adam S. Kutner & Associates is dedicated to representing exclusively accident victims. They believe that every accident victim deserves outstanding legal representation. In addition to advocating for the individual interests of every client, we believe that our work makes society safer for everyone by holding wrongdoers accountable.

Our attorneys understand that suffering a bicycle injury can be a frustrating experience. You may be feeling lost and uncertain of how to begin. You need an immediate plan for your recovery and a long-term plan to get the recovery that you deserve. The team at Adam S. Kutner & Associates believes in aggressive legal representation and compassionate client communication.

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Las Vegas Bicycle Accident Laws

Bicycle accident injuries are unfortunately all too common, especially in Las Vegas. The attorneys of the Law Offices of Adam S. Kutner know what you have been through. Our law firm has knowledge in all aspects of bicycle equipment, accident reconstruction, roadway design as it relates to bicyclists and these factors may be a crucial part of your case.

In most cases involving bicyclists and automobiles, the person driving the car is almost always at fault in the accident. There are other reasons for bicycle accidents to consider as well.

Those driving an automobile must always be careful of bicycle riders and motorcycles as well. A bicycle needs to be treated as another car on the road by the operator of the motor vehicle. An example of this would be if you are sharing the right lane with a bicyclist and you are planning a turn right at an intersection, you must yield to the bicyclist. You cannot drive in a designated bike lane unless you are pulling off of the road.

Laws change all the time and there are many traffic laws concerning bicycles and not knowing those laws does not provide protection to those who injure a bicyclist. As a bicyclist, you have rights. Call us today if you’ve been injured and find out how we can help you.

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FAQs About Bicycle Accident Cases

To win your Las Vegas bicycle accident lawsuit, you must show that you’re hurt because of the negligence of a motor vehicle driver. You must prove that the driver didn’t drive carefully enough on the roads. While you may show that they violated a traffic law, you may also win your case by showing that the driver simply failed to use the care that an ordinary, reasonable person should use in a similar situation. To win your claim, you must also show what your injuries and other damages are both now and in the future.

Bicyclists have the right to use the road. The burden is on the vehicle driver to drive carefully and avoid causing injuries to bicyclists. Drivers must leave sufficient following distance. They may only overtake a bicyclist when it’s safe to do so. Proving your case may be as simple as showing how the driver’s behaviors caused the bicycle accident and your injuries.

In a Las Vegas bicycle accident lawsuit, you can recover the value of your financial losses plus compensation for your pain and suffering. Your financial losses include your medical bills both now and in the future. Even if your medical diagnosis is uncertain, your attorney can help you work with an expert doctor to determine your future expenses. The amount you can claim for physical pain and emotional anguish depends on the severity of your injuries. An experienced attorney can help you value your bicycle accident claim.

Sharing The Road

  • Cars and bicycles must obey the same traffic laws. Regardless of what type of vehicle you are operating, you must obey stop signs, traffic lights, and yield to pedestrians.
  • Bicycles are required to have an operational headlight to use at night time just like all other vehicles. In addition, bicycles must have reflectors on the back of their bicycle so that cars will be able to identify a bike at night.
  • Bicycles should never ride against the flow of traffic. Riding with the flow of traffic helps reduce the amount of accidents that occur.
  • Motor vehicles and bicycles are required to have operating brake systems that are good enough to bring the vehicle to a complete stop within 25 feet of using the brake system.
  • All passenger vehicles and bicycles may not transport more passengers than the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Bicycles must always use the bicycle lane when traveling on a road. If there is not a designated bicycle lane, the bicycle must remain on the far right of the road. The only exception to this rule is if there is something in the far right lane, such as construction, that could potentially harm the bicyclist.
  • Drivers of a bicycle must use arm signals to turn and must implement this signal no less than 100 feet from the point in which they are going to turn just like a motor vehicle.
  • Many local laws prohibit the use of earbuds or headphones while driving a bicycle.

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“Somebody turned left, right into me from the opposite direction and totaled the car and I was actually unconscious for a short while and sure enough he got hauled off for a DUI and there I was with a totaled car going to the emergency room.

Adam Kutner dealt with the case himself, personally, and it was just a great experience from beginning to end and really he was – he and his staff intensely concerned about me you know, getting the medical help I needed and the therapy I needed and it just – it went like clockwork.

Adam Kutner took great care of me. He made sure that my medical issues were taken care of, definitely made sure that I got back into a car that got me back on the road, couldn’t be happier with the settlement and in my thinking, he is the best attorney in Las Vegas to take care of you in an accident”

Thom Ferman

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