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What Is Considered a Catastrophic Injury?

Catastrophic injuries have long-term, life-altering effects on accident victims. They often require extensive medical treatment and can lead to permanent disability or even wrongful death.

Some examples of catastrophic injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Serious burns
  • Broken bones
  • Chemical exposure
  • Medical malpractice
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Hearing and vision loss
  • Internal organ damage
  • Amputations
  • Other serious injuries that interfere with activities of daily living

If a car accident, truck accident, slip and fall, or other type of accident has significantly impaired a loved one’s ability to function or care for themselves, you may qualify to bring a legal claim for compensation.

Our serious injury attorneys can help fight for the financial support your family needs now, as well as for future medical expenses and the cost of ongoing care.

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    A catastrophic injury can have devastating effects on victims and their families. If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury after an accident, your life may never be the same. Our team of Las Vegas catastrophic injury lawyers understands how difficult this time can be. That’s why we’re passionate about fighting for your rights.

    Victims should never have to bear the financial burden of a catastrophic injury.

    Our experienced personal injury law firm is ready to help you claim the compensation you deserve and hold the responsible party accountable for their actions. Although nothing can undo what happened, we offer exceptional legal representation to get justice and the support you need to rebuild your life after a catastrophic injury.

    How Can a Catastrophic Injury Attorney Help Victims?

    Catastrophic injury claims can be complex because damages are significant. Due to the severity of these injuries, victims will often need medical care for the rest of their lives. They may never be able to work, provide for their families, or enjoy activities as they once did. This is why it’s crucial to work with specialized catastrophic injury attorneys who have the experience and skill to fully value your claim and maximize your compensation.

    If you’re looking for the most qualified catastrophic injury lawyers Las Vegas has to offer, our team has a proven record of successful verdicts and settlements that have helped clients and their families throughout Southern Nevada.

    What Types of Damages Can You Recover In a Catastrophic Injury Claim?

    A serious injury will affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally. For this reason, the monetary payment you receive should reflect all your damages and fully compensate you for the injuries and harm you suffered, including:

    • Medical bills (including future medical expenses)
    • Home care and rehabilitation costs
    • Property damage
    • Lost income
    • Loss of future earnings
    • Loss of consortium
    • Cost of living with a permanent disability
    • Reduced quality of life
    • Emotional distress
    • Pain and suffering
    • Punitive damages (in some cases)

    Victims can recover both economic and non-economic damages in a catastrophic injury case. However, punitive damages may also be awarded in some circumstances.

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    We know how insurance companies try to get you to sign a settlement quickly without allowing you the opportunity to fully understand the extent of your losses. Minimizing legitimate claims is how the insurance company makes money, and we are dedicated to making sure this never happens to our clients. We pride ourselves on making the process as straightforward as possible so that you can get back to your life after the loss of your loved one. With our skilled wrongful death lawyers in Las Vegas, you have the peace of mind knowing that you have a strong advocate by your side to fight to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.


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      Compensation For Catastrophic Injuries

      Nevada laws allow a victim to recover economic and non-economic damages for catastrophic injury. When the victim has a qualifying injury, they may legally demand financial compensation. An attorney can assist the victim with the steps needed to process the claim and build a strong case.

      Here are some types of compensation for a catastrophic injury that a victim may recover:

      • Emergency medical treatment, ambulance transfer
      • Surgery, stabilization measures
      • Mobility aids, prosthetics
      • Rehabilitation; physical therapy, occupational therapy
      • Medications
      • Compensation for pain and physical suffering
      • Mental health treatment for PTSD, anxiety and suffering
      • Payment for changes in daily life
      • Lost wages
      • Punitive damages (if qualified)
      • Attorney contingency fees (if qualified)

      Our law group can help you discover all of the types of compensation that apply and what your claim may be worth. We can also explain the process and help you understand what may impact the legal claim.

      How Much Is the Average Catastrophic Injury Settlement?

      Catastrophic injury case settlements vary greatly because the awarded amount is based on the extent of the victim’s damages. Settlements are typically high because of the serious nature of a catastrophic claim. Also, factors like shared fault and the strength of the legal claim may impact the total amount of compensation.

      There is truly no typical settlement because each award is unique to the victim’s damages. Our Las Vegas catastrophic injury lawyers can help you value your case and see if you qualify to bring a claim for compensation.

      Contact us today to learn more about our experience with catastrophic injury cases and what your claim might be worth.

      What Are Unique Needs or Considerations in Catastrophic Injury Cases?

      After an accident, people usually go through medical treatment and a recovery period but eventually return to their normal lives. Unfortunately, many catastrophic injury victims do not have this option. Permanent disabilities and disfigurements make it impossible to reach a full recovery.

      In these cases, it’s vital to consider the unique needs of catastrophic injury victims. Lifecare planning and medical needs assessments are essential to fully value their damages, such as:

      • Physical therapy
      • Occupational therapy
      • Speech therapy
      • Behavioral therapy
      • Vocational rehabilitation
      • Home accessibility and modifications
      • Assistive devices and technology
      • Cost of special transportation needs

      When an individual suffers a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation, or other severe injury, healthcare and rehabilitation needs are much more significant. Victims may need to work with skilled professionals to relearn life skills and perform basic activities. It can also completely change a person’s career path or personal goals.

      Our personal injury attorneys work with specialists to take these unique needs into consideration. We look at current and future expenses to ensure compensation reflects lifetime costs to victims and their families.

      Why Hire a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer?

      After an accident that causes catastrophic injuries, it can be overwhelming and stressful for the entire family. The insurance companies may be pressuring you to settle for less than you deserve. You may worry about supporting your family or paying your medical bills. It might seem like nobody is on your side. Remember, you are not alone.

      When you hire a serious injury lawyer, you have a legal advocate to uphold your rights and fight for the compensation you need and deserve. Your attorney will handle all the steps involved in the claims process, including:

      • Conducting investigations
      • Collecting evidence, like witness statements
      • Building a strong personal injury case
      • Working with expert witnesses and lifecare specialists
      • Negotiating the maximum settlement for your damages
      • If needed, taking your case to trial
      • Speaking on your behalf in court

      Whether you need a trial lawyer or a skilled negotiator for your catastrophic injury case in the State of Nevada, Adam S. Kutner has a team of dedicated attorneys ready to go to work for you. We offer free consultations and work on contingency with no upfront fees.

      Further Frequently Asked Questions About Catastrophic Injury Claims

      To receive financial compensation for a catastrophic injury, you file a court claim. It states what happened to cause the injury, why the defendant is responsible and what damages the victim has incurred. The responsible party must defend their actions. With the help of an attorney for catastrophic injury claims, victims build their case using the legal process of discovery and civil procedure. The parties resolve the case through settlement or by a trial.

      Yes, Nevada law allows for financial compensation for catastrophic injuries. A case may be based on a number of legal theories, including strict liability, negligence and intentional conduct. The victim must show that the other party acted in violation of the law and that their actions caused harm to the victim.

      Laws for catastrophic injury compensation in Nevada are based on civil personal injury laws. Nevada Revised Statutes 41.141 [1] codifies the modified comparative negligence laws that apply to traumatic claims. Additional regulations come from common law and cases that explain nuances and unique issues. The rules that apply to any particular claim depend on the specific circumstances and facts.

      Emotional Injury After Car AccidentA typical settlement for a catastrophic injury claim include:

      • Compensation for medical bills
      • Addressing lost income or additional home care needs
      • Pain and suffering; emotional and mental anguish
      • Property damage
      • Changed lifestyle and lost opportunities
      • Other damages as appropriate by law

      Settlements are typically high because of the serious nature of a catastrophic claim. Factors like shared fault and the strength of the legal claim may impact the total amount of compensation. There is truly no typical settlement because each award is unique to the damages that the victim incurs. Our Las Vegas catastrophic injury lawyers can help you value your case and see if you qualify to bring a claim.

      You have a catastrophic injury case if you can prove that another party committed a legal wrong and that you sustained an injury as a result. A legal injury doesn’t have to be a crime, although crimes are often the basis for a claim. It’s okay if you don’t have all of the answers at the beginning of a case. You may take advantage of legal processes to gather information and build evidence.

      Yes, an attorney can represent a victim in a catastrophic injury claim in Las Vegas. They may take legal action and speak on the victim’s behalf in court. Along the way, they provide guidance to help their client make the best choices to advance the case. You may choose your own attorney to represent you in a catastrophic injury claim. They are experienced professionals who can assist with the many complex issues present in a catastrophic injury claim.

      A catastrophic workers’ compensation claim is a demand for compensation for a traumatic injury that occurs from a workplace accident. The victim must take special care to ensure they receive fair compensation through the workers’ compensation system. They should also consider alternative compensation that may be available through a personal injury claim, disability programs and private insurance policies.

      Accidents that result in catastrophic injuries are devastating for victims and their entire families. These cases are more complex than general personal injury claims and will need the help of catastrophic injury lawyers for the claims process. Get more in-depth information on what determines a catastrophic injury here.

      The easiest way to describe a catastrophic injury is to define it as one that is life-changing. This means that everything about your life will be different from that point forward. Catastrophic injuries may also require lifelong care, professional assistance, and a complete change in career and lifestyle. Read more about the different types of catastrophic injuries here.

      A catastrophic injury can happen in any type of accident. However, there are some accidents that more commonly result in these types of serious, life-altering injuries. Read more about the different causes of a catastrophic injury here.

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      If you or a family member has been hurt in a catastrophic injury accident, you’re not alone. Contact our law office today for your free consultation. We fight for injury victims every day, and we’re ready to help you and your family during this difficult time.


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