Attorney Adam S. Kutner Continues His Tradition of the “Helping Future Lawyers” Scholarship

Those on the path to becoming a professional attorney know that paying for an education doesn’t always come easy. Added to the challenge of law school itself is the stress of having to fund years of tuition and expenses that come with earning the degree. Some law students will, unfortunately, drop out of school due to an inability to afford their education, missing out on the opportunity to fulfill their career goals.

Assistance for Struggling Students

Las Vegas law firm, Adam S. Kutner, recognizes this struggle and is providing aid in the form of a scholarship to students who are passionate about practicing law but have a genuine need for financial assistance. The “Helping Future Lawyers” scholarship stems from Mr. Kutner’s desire to support the next generation of attorneys and advance the law industry by providing opportunities to bright, enthusiastic students. Since 2015, the chosen recipient of the scholarship is awarded $2,500 to put towards school expenses, alleviating some of the financial pressure and allowing the student to focus more closely on coursework and studies.

To be eligible for the “Helping Future Lawyers” scholarship, the applicant must be a student already enrolled in college or a high school senior with ambitions to pursue a law degree. A copy of the recipient’s school transcript will be requested to prove a GPA higher than 3.0 was maintained by the student at the time of application. The student will also be asked to demonstrate a need for the funds and submit an essay for consideration.

Impact of the Scholarship

Just last year, law student Angela Brito was the winner of Mr. Kutner’s “Helping Future Lawyers” scholarship and is now on her way to accomplishing her goal of becoming a practicing lawyer. The funds provided by Mr. Kutner, through the Adam Kutner Cares initiative, assisted with fees and expenses related to her education. Looking to award another outstanding student for the scholarship, applications are now being accepted until June 15, 2018.

Adam S. Kutner, Injury Attorneys is the leading personal injury law firm in Las Vegas NV. With over two decades of proven results in the state of Nevada, Kutner has become a household name around the Las Vegas Valley. For more information on the “Helping Future Lawyers” Scholarship and the other ways, Mr. Kutner contributes to the community, visit the Adam Kutner Cares website for more details.

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