New and Upcoming Nevada Laws in 2022

Nevada State Assembly Building

New laws passed after the 2021 session in Nevada mean changes for state residents. As many of these new Nevada laws1 went into effect at the beginning of the year, it’s important to know what has changed and how it could affect you. Our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers share some of the most significant new laws and what you can expect.

1. What Is Assembly Bill 118?

Changes to Car Seat Requirements in Nevada

Sponsored by Democratic Assemblywoman Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod, Assembly Bill 118 (AB118)2 updates Nevada car seat requirements. As of January 1, 2022:

  • All children age 2 and younger must ride in a rear-facing car seat while in a vehicle.
  • Children younger than 6 years old or shorter than 57 inches will need to ride in a designated car seat.

The law also removed the car seat weight requirement, which allowed any child that was 60 lbs or heavier to no longer need to ride in a car seat. Lawmakers pushed this law after recent data showed that children who were properly restrained were 47.8% less likely3 to suffer serious or critical injuries in a car accident.

Car accidents can be devastating for children and babies if they are not protected by child restraints. If your child was hurt in a car accident due to another driver’s negligence or recklessness, our car accident lawyer Las Vegas team can help you seek justice through compensation.

2. What Is Assembly Bill 196?

Lactation Rooms in Nevada Courthouses

The passing of Assembly Bill 196 (AB196)4 is considered a success for many public health and human services experts. The new law requires that all courthouses in Nevada have lactation rooms for nursing mothers that are open to the public—not just employees at the courthouse. Assemblywoman Teresa Benitez-Thompson played a significant role in pushing this law through the legislature.

3. What Is Senate Bill 103?

Insurance and Dog Breed Discrimination

Enacted during the 2021 Legislative Session and approved by Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, Senate Bill 103 (SB103)5 affects insurers and discrimination against dog breeds. To comply with this new law, homeowner and renter insurers can no longer discriminate against certain dog breeds or refuse to issue or renew an insurance policy based on the breed of an individual’s dog.

However, insurers will have access to information to verify if a specific dog has a history of violence or aggression. If that particular dog is dangerous, the insurer can refuse a policy or increase a premium rate based on that information.

Pitbull dog walking in grass

Dog bites can have serious consequences for victims. Even though new laws remove breed discrimination for the purposes of insurance policies, it’s essential to stay on guard when you’re around dogs that may become aggressive. If you’ve been attacked by a dog, contact our dog bite lawyers to see if you qualify to bring a legal claim.

4. What Is Assembly Bill 217?

Training for Unlicensed Caregivers

Assembly Bill 217 (AB217)6 is another vital law that went into effect this year. This bill requires a certain level of training for unlicensed caregivers at designated medical facilities. The State Board of Health must also regulate this training to ensure that the people in charge of these facilities provide the necessary resources and training. AB217 also requires that the Division of Public and Behavioral Health post a list of nationally-recognized organizations offering free or low-cost training.

With nursing home abuse and other types of substandard care at healthcare facilities affecting victims every day, this law is crucial to ensuring our most vulnerable citizens are protected and get the level of care they need.

5. What Is Senate Bill 251?

Women’s Health Screening

Another healthcare-related law now in effect in Nevada is Senate Bill 251 (SB251)7. Sponsored by Reno Senator Heidi Seevers Gansert, SB251 requires that primary care providers complete a medical history screening that helps determine if women are at a higher risk for a BRCA mutation. This mutation can increase the risk of breast cancer.

If the patient is at a higher risk, the medical providers must provide counsel or refer to a professional who can.

6. What Is Assembly Bill 321?

Nevada Mail-In Ballot Voting Is Permanent

With Democratic support in the 2021 Legislature, Assembly Bill 321 (AB321)8 passed and will affect how Nevadans vote. Going forward, every registered voter in Nevada will receive a ballot in the mail. This mail-in ballot process went into effect during the pandemic, but AB321 makes the temporary change a permanent law.

7. What Is Senate Bill 190?

Access to Birth Control in Pharmacies

Woman holding birth control pills in her hands

Senate Bill 190 (SB190)9 is another progressive step in women’s healthcare. The new law allows pharmacists to provide birth control to patients without needing a prescription or authorization from a doctor or other healthcare provider. It was designed to help those who do not have access to a doctor due to healthcare costs or doctor shortages get hormonal contraceptives from a pharmacy.

What Are Other New Nevada Laws?

Here are other bills passed during the 2021 sessions and are currently in effect or in the process of being implemented:

Experienced Legal Representation in Las Vegas, NV

Understanding the law is the first step to knowing your rights. Our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys are ready to help you exercise your rights through the justice system by claiming compensation after you’re injured in an accident.


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