Tia Stephens – Human Resources

College of Southern Nevada Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice

Tia Stephens interviews candidates, assists with hiring and onboarding new hires, ensures employee relations, reviews litigation files, and acts as a liaison to our litigation partners. Tia Stephens has over 5 years experience in the field.

Background and Beginnings

Tia has wanted to work in the legal field since childhood. She is the type of person who wants to ensure things are done as fairly as possible. Working in the legal field has made her feel like she is a part of making that happen for our clients.

She was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tia started at The Law Offices of Adam S. Kutner right out of college, and in the last five years, she has grown both professionally and personally. In 2017 she began working as an administrative assistant, moved up to paralegal, and now into human resources. As she built her ASK family, her family grew as well. In her time here, she has since gotten married and had two children. Tia loves spending time with her family, and taking her kids to places she explored while growing up in Las Vegas, such as Mount Charleston, the Springs Preserve, and hidden gems like Corn Creek to see the wild horses.

Tia Stephens - Human Resources

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