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Rules for driving in Las Vegas are good to know whether you’re a tourist or you’ve lived here your whole life. Some Las Vegas driving laws are common sense, and other rules you might not have heard before.

Our Las Vegas car accident attorneys and members of our entire legal team give you our 10 tips for safe driving in Las Vegas.


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    1. Follow the Speed Limits

    Most people try to leave Las Vegas with more money than they came with. Don’t lose your hard-earned cash to a speeding ticket. Speed limits within the city are 25-35 miles per hour. On Nevada highways outside the city, the speed limits range from 65-70. Speed limits are strictly enforced in Las Vegas, particularly where there are a lot of pedestrians, such as the Las Vegas Strip. Be sure to follow Las Vegas speed limits at all times.

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    2. It’s All Right to Turn Right on Red

    In general, turning right on red is legal in the City of Las Vegas. If you’re stopped at a light and you have a clear path to turn right, you’re welcome to take it.

    However, be sure to check whether there’s a sign that says right on red is not allowed at that specific intersection. You must also make a full stop before pulling forward to make a right turn on a red light.

    3. Don’t Drink and Drive

    Drunk driving is illegal in the City of Las Vegas and throughout Nevada. The legal limit is .08 for any kind of driving under the influence of alcohol. For underage drivers, the legal limit is .02. A drunk driving conviction can result in jail time, fines, loss of your driver’s license, community service and mandatory treatment programs. Your record can also follow you back to your home state, so keep that in mind while visiting.

    Given the nature of the city, Las Vegas law enforcement is very strict with this rule. Try going with an alternative, such as walking, taxi, public transportation or ride-sharing.

    4. Driving After Marijuana Use Is Illegal, Too


    Don’t try driving a motor vehicle after you smoke marijuana. Nevada is one of several states that has a black and white line for driving with an unlawful bodily content of marijuana. You’re guilty of driving with an illegal amount of marijuana in your system any time you have 2+ ng/ml of the active ingredient or 5+ ng/ml of the metabolite in your body.

    Of course, any amount of marijuana in your system is illegal if it influences your ability to drive. Driving with bodily marijuana content in your system counts as a drunk driving offense in Nevada. You face jail, fines and all the other possible penalties for the offense.

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    5. There’s a Place to Park and Watch Planes

    The lot is the best-kept secret for locals and aviation enthusiasts around the world!

    In Las Vegas, there are several spots where you can park and watch airplanes fly overhead as they come in and out of McCarran Airport.

    You can find the best lot on Sunset Road just west of Eastern Avenue, where you’ll get great views of the planes as they land and take off every few minutes. Here is a video of it:

    6. Handicapped Parking Is for Handicapped Drivers

    If you have an extra $250 lying around, by all means, park in a handicapped spot. That’s just the fine in the City of Las Vegas. In Henderson, a handicapped parking violation sets you back $352.

    Las Vegas doesn’t mess around with handicapped parking laws. You need to have a disabled placard in order to use a handicapped parking space. If you have a placard from another state, Las Vegas will honor it. Just make sure that it’s out and visible before you leave your vehicle.

    7. You Can Still Find Free Parking

    Some casinos charge for parking, particularly on the Strip. If you do your research and you don’t mind a few extra steps to get to your destination, you can still find free parking!

    When you research your parking options, remember that some of the smaller casinos just off the Strip still offer free parking. You may also be able to get your parking validated by spending a minimum amount in the casino or at the property’s restaurants.

    8. Pause for Pedestrians

    Las Vegas is a pedestrian-friendly town. It’s a place where millions of people come each year for vacation. As you drive through town, remember to expect to see pedestrians in the streets.

    Many of those pedestrians are from out of town, and they might not be used to the local rules of the road. Be careful, for everyone’s sake.

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    9. Fill Up Before You Leave Town

    There are lots of gas stations in Las Vegas. However, there are not so many gas stations just outside of Las Vegas. If you’re planning on taking a road trip out of the city, you’re going to want to fill up before you go.

    Also, if you’re headed to California, that’s another reason to get gas before you leave town. Our gas prices tend to be cheaper than they are in California, which is only 30 minutes from Las Vegas.

    10. Nevada Is an At-Fault State

    If you’re in a car accident in Las Vegas, Nevada car accident laws apply. Nevada is an at-fault state, which means you may deserve financial compensation for an accident of any severity.

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