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The Law Office of Attorney Adam S. Kutner and Associates has been providing trusted representation to injured victims in Henderson for more than 28 years. Mr. Kutner practices primarily in the area of personal injury cases with an emphasis on car accidents, pedestrian accidents, dog bites, slip and fall, wrongful death and bad faith insurance claims.

Receiving injuries after someone’s negligence or intentional harm can lead to hospital and therapy bills you can’t afford. This is why you can gain liability by registering a personal injury claim. You may not always obtain compensation, so it’s important to learn if you should file.

Most Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

If you happen to have been injured because of any of the reasons below, then it would be a good idea to file a claim:Auto Accident Injuries Not Apparent

  • Car Accidents – Car accidents make for the number one reason people file for personal injury claims in America. Individuals can be seriously harmed by someone else’s reckless disregard for road laws. You must understand whether or not the person really is at fault. If it was no one’s fault and you live in a specific state with “no fault” laws, then money can only be collected by your car insurance. Nevada happens to be a “no fault” state. The exception to this would be if you received a major personal injury.
  • Dog Bites – Dog owners are held accountable for any injuries their dogs inflict on others. The specifics of these laws vary from state to state, however. In Nevada, for example, certain counties demand dog owners keep their dogs in a fence or on a leash. If you’ve been bitten by an owned dog in one of these counties and that dog was neither fenced nor on a leash, then you could sue the owner for negligence. Be sure to check with a personal injury attorney on these specific laws.
  • Slip and Fall – These cases are filed when an individual slips, falls and injures themselves in a public building due to something hazardous. There are exceptions, like if there was a sign to warn you or whether or not it happened in an authorized area. Property and business owners are legally obligated to keep their public places safe to access.
  • Medical Malpractice – Patients can be injured from a hospital’s incompetence. This can range from receiving the wrong dosage of medicine to improper procedure. Medical malpractice can also occur if a doctor infringes on the standard of care. You may have recently gone to a hospital and received inadequate care that led to significant harm. A personal injury attorney would be able to help you get the compensation you need from that hospital.

In the case that your personal injury was caused by something else and you’re unsure if you should file, call Adam S. Kutner & Associates personal injury attorneys. As for the above reasons, there are particular situations for each that applies for a claim. Understand that these can vary from each state. Speak to a personal injury attorney for more details.

Necessary Steps Before You File a Personal Injury Claim

  • Taking Care of Your Health – You first need to make sure you are fit to file a claim. After you’ve been injured, you may be put under some stress. Give yourself some time to heal both mentally and physically. Evaluate the situation and understand how you got injured. Do some thorough research on whether or not you can sue for compensation.
  • Collecting Evidence – After healing for a bit, photograph evidence of damage caused. This could be of your injuries or property. Anything that proves that someone has caused your physical damage can be used in court. Take note of certain things that happened to you as a result of the accident. This can include receiving hospital bills, trips to the hospital, time lost from work, money lost from not going to your job, and other factors. Speak to other people involved in the accident. Whether they were also physically harmed by the incident or they were witnesses, be sure to take note of your conversations with them. Let them give you their perspective on what they saw and experienced.
  • Contacting a Personal Injury Attorney – This kind of attorney could provide you with more information as well as help move the case to court. They’ll help you sort out the evidence you’ve received as well as possibly finding more. Most importantly, an attorney can let you know more about what kind of personal injury case you have, what laws the individual or entity broke, and how much compensation you could possibly get as a result.
  • Notifying the Individual or Entity that you’re Filing a Claim – While you’re at it, find out if they have insurance. Without insurance, you may not get a reward for damages caused. All of the above tasks must be done in a timely manner. Each state has a “statute of limitations.” This means that there’s a certain amount of time you have after the accident that you can file a claim. For Nevada, you usually have two years. It can vary on the type of case as well as the entity. If you’re gonna sue the government, then time could be shorter. Speak to a personal injury attorney for more information about this.

Reach Out Immediately

If you’ve been harmed by the careless actions of a third party, it’s important to speak with an experienced Henderson injury attorney as soon as possible. Every state has its own statute of limitations; if you try to file a personal injury suit after that statute of limitations has expired, chances are the court will refuse to hear your case.Even in instances when an insurance company is prepared to offer you compensation for the injuries or property damage you sustained in a motor vehicle accident, it’s often worthwhile to consult with an attorney. Insurance adjustors are beholden to the companies they work for after all, and their primary concerns will be to save those companies money. Studies from the Consumer Panel Survey of Auto Accident Victims and other research organizations suggest that attorney representation increases settlement amounts substantially even when cases don’t go to court.

More Than Just a Client, You’re Treated Like Family

It is our mission at the Law Office of Attorney Adam S. Kutner and Associates to treat every client like family. Our staff is always courteous and respectful toward all of our clients. You can expect prompt and efficient services from your very first conversation until your case is settled. We pride ourselves in providing 24/7 customer care, whether that means meeting a client at their home or the hospital, or sending a car service for the individual to be picked up and brought to our office.

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