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Experiencing a personal injury, no matter how minor or major it might be, is never how anyone envisions their day starting out. Nonetheless, thousands of people across the country suffer a serious personal injury every year. Sadly, many of those injuries occur as a result of negligence on behalf of another party. When an injury is not your fault, you can feel at a loss as to how you should proceed. You have your own recovery to worry about, yet you also have the reality of covering your own financial needs in the interim. This is why you need to retain a Summerlin personal injury attorney as soon after the accident as possible. .

Most Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

You might be reading this wondering what even constitutes a personal injury claim. Basically, a claim can potentially be made against a personal injury that was caused by another person, animal, or entity. In other words, if the injury was not your fault, you might very have a legal claim to financial compensation. With that in mind, consider the following types of personal injury claims as common examples of what could occur:

  • Auto Accidents – This is arguably the most common type of personal injury case that lawyers encounter today. If you have been involved in an accident, you may very well have a financial claim to compensate for your pain and suffering. You are also entitled to assistance in getting in your car repaired or replaced, and much more. Insurance will not always cover everything, so you will likely want to pursue a personal injury claim in this case.
  • Slip and Fall – This type of personal injury most commonly occurs when you are in a business that has failed in their duty to protect its customers. You may also slip on a sidewalk on a public access way or on a floor in a private residence, just to name a few of the many possibilities.
  • Medical Malpractice – If you have been injured as the result of a physician’s negligence, you may have a personal injury claim. These cases can be quite complex in scope, so you will want to have an attorney working on it for you from the beginning.
  • Dog Bites – While dogs are typically man’s best friend, they do tend to have quite a bite when they want to. If you have been on the receiving of a dog bite, and that dog was not your own, you may be entitled to a financial claim. This is designed to help you cover any medical bills that you incur, along with pain and suffering. Some dog bites can be rather severe, both from a physical and emotional perspective, so contact a personal injury attorney for assistance.

If you have been involved in one of these or any of a number of other types of personal injury cases, it is important to consult with a Summerlin personal injury attorney. You have certain legal rights that deserve to be protected, and a professional lawyer is just the person to make sure that happens for you. There are many components that must be considered in such a case, which makes reaching a suitable settlement on your own almost too difficult a task to take on.

Stages in a Personal Injury Case

When you have a personal injury case that requires legal representation, you will find that there are a number of stages that you will go through before it is brought to a successful resolution. Generally speaking, these stages go as follows:

  • Consult With an Attorney – You will want to discuss the particulars of your case with an attorney qualified to handle personal injury claims.
  • Gather Initial Court Papers – Your attorney will go over the papers that you need to gather, and request any documentation that is needed in order to file your claim with the court.
  • Engage in Fact-Finding and Discovery – This is a step that your attorney will work on for you.
  • Making Trial Motions – If your case is still proceeding as expected, the attorney of record will begin to petition the court with a series of motions to get your claim started.
  • Engage in Settlement Conversations – Insurance companies will be interested in settling a legitimate claim outside of court, so that is what this stage is designed for.
  • Possibility of a Trial – If a suitable settlement cannot be reached, your attorney will take the claim to court.
  • Receiving Your Money – Once a settlement has been agreed upon, or a trial has been concluded, you can expect to receive your money in due course.
  • Possibility of an Appeal – Either you or the other party has the right to appeal a personal injury claim in many cases, so you will want to be prepared for that.

Depending on the nature of your particular case, there may or may not be certain stages added to or subtracted from this list. However, this does give you an idea of what you should expect as you begin to lodge your personal injury case.

Necessary Steps Before You File a Personal Injury Claim

If you have suffered a personal injury and believe it to be the fault of another individual or entity, there are some steps that you will want to take before you file a claim. In a nutshell, this will involve:

couple looking at lawsuit filed against them

  • Examine Applicable Insurance Policies 
  • Determine if You Need An Attorney 
  • Look At the Feasibility of a Lawsuit  

These are the steps that will help you determine how to ultimately proceed with your personal injury claim. While not all personal injuries will result in the possibility of a financial settlement, the vast majority very well may. To find out where you stand, it is important to schedule your free consultation with a Summerlin personal injury attorney today.

More Than Just a Client, You’re Treated Like Family

It is our mission at Adam S. Kutner Accident & Injury Attorneys to treat every client like family. Our staff is always courteous and respectful toward all of our clients. You can expect prompt and efficient services from your very first conversation until your case is settled. We pride ourselves in providing 24/7 customer care, whether that means meeting a client at their home or the hospital, or sending a car service for the individual to be picked up and brought to our office.

We are also representing Mandalay Bay shooting victims by helping them to receive the most out of victims’ funds. Please contact us if you were affected.

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