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If you’re the victim of a drunk driving accident in Henderson, it can be a terrifying and frustrating experience. An experienced Henderson car accident attorney can help ensure the process of recovering from your accident is as seamless as possible.

The legal team at Adam S. Kutner & Associates can help you evaluate your case and exercise your rights under Nevada law. When you’re the victim of a drunk driving accident, you can bring a claim for a fair recovery. Learn more about recovering from a Henderson drunk driving accident here.


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    What Are My Rights After a Drunk Driving Accident in Henderson?

    If you’re hurt because of someone else’s drunk driving in Nevada, you have the right to financial compensation from the person who hurt you. Nevada law says that the person who causes the accident should pay for the losses that result. To seek compensation, you must bring a claim in a Nevada court demanding compensation.

    What Is Drunk Driving in Nevada?

    There are two ways to be a drunk driver under Nevada law. First, you’re a drunk driver any time you drive a vehicle while your alcohol level is over the legal limit. It doesn’t matter how much you drink; if you’re over the legal limit, you’re a drunk driver. When you’re over the limit, the law presumes that you’re unfit to drive.You’re also a drunk driver any time that you drive under the influence of alcohol. Your alcohol level can be very low, and you’re still a drunk driver as long as it hinders your ability to drive. If you’re hurt by a driver who has been drinking, you shouldn’t assume that you don’t have a case just because the state district attorney doesn’t press charges.

    The legal standards for a drunk driving case under criminal law and civil law are different. As a victim, you have more rights in a civil case. If you’re hurt, we welcome you to meet with our team of skilled lawyers. You may be surprised to hear that you have a claim for recovery on the grounds of drunk driving.

    Drugged Driving Is a Growing Problem in Nevada

    In addition to driving under the influence of alcohol, you may also make a claim if you’re the victim of a driver who is under the influence of drugs. We can help you investigate the accident and determine if another driver consumed drugs before driving a vehicle. If you’re the victim of a drugged driver, you’re eligible to claim full damages for your injuries and other losses.

    How Do I Recover After a Drunk Driving Accident in Henderson?

    When a driver drives intoxicated, they’re acting negligently or even recklessly. Negligence means not acting reasonably. Any time a driver acts negligently, they’re responsible for the injuries and other losses that they cause.To recover, you must show that you’re hurt because of a drunk driver’s negligence or reckless behavior. If you show how you suffered injuries or property damage because of another person’s drunk driving, you have a valid claim for recovery. Quite frankly, there’s no excuse for getting behind the wheel under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    How Do Your Lawyers Work to Help Drunk Driving Accident Victims in Nevada?

    When we work with a Henderson drunk driving victim, we help you determine your rights. We prepare court documents and file them on your behalf. We take steps to build the evidence in your case. We help you negotiate with the other side, and we speak on your behalf in court. At each stage, we work to make sure that you understand the proceedings. We educate you on the law and how the law applies to your case. That way, you can make confident decisions about the best course of action for you.

    What If I May Have Contributed to the Accident?

    We invite you to meet with us to talk about your claim even if you believe that you may have contributed to the accident. Nevada uses a system that compares the behavior of each driver to the others involved in the crash. Even if you may have made a driving mistake, you may still be able to make a claim against a drunk driver.

    What Damages Am I Eligible to Claim?

    You have the right to seek all of the types of damages available to you under the law. Medical bills are one type of compensation. Your medical bills include costs for physical therapy, follow-up visits, the cost of an ambulance, emergency care, and even things like a wheelchair or crutches if you need them. Any medical expenses that you have because of your physical injuries qualify for compensation.Your medical bills are just the beginning. If you need time off work to recover, you’re eligible to claim compensation for your short-term losses. When you have injuries that are so severe that you’re unable to return to your previous career path, you can value your lost earning capacity and include it in your claim.

    A drunk driving accident can create pain, fear, frustration, flashbacks and other kinds of mental and emotional suffering. In addition to your financial losses, you can include a request for compensation for emotional and physical suffering. Our team of attorneys can help you determine how to place a dollar value on your suffering to add it in your claim. You can ask for financial compensation for your genuine suffering. When we represent a client, we work with you to evaluate your claim for maximum recovery and include all types of compensation in your claim.

    Working with a Henderson Accident Attorney

    If you’re hurt in a drunk driving accident in Henderson, you don’t have the face the recovery process alone. Working with a car accident lawyer gives you the peace of mind that you’re working with a professional who has your best interests at heart.

    Our team of Henderson drunk driving accident attorneys is here to protect your rights and work for justice. Bring your questions and let’s talk about your options. Call or fill out our contact form today.

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