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How a Las Vegas Shooting Attorney Can Help You

Las Vegas Shooting Attorneys

The events that transpired in Las Vegas on the night of October 1st, 2017 will be forever etched into the lives of those directly affected by the tragedy. It’s crucial for survivors and family members of the individuals who lost their lives to focus on recovering both mentally and physically from this senseless act of violence. While it is extremely difficult for those impacted to start thinking about options for legal recourse immediately, understanding what options are available for compensation from liable parties is an essential part of ensuring that recovery is possible.

Although law enforcement officials are still investigating the details of the event, the facts of the case indicate that the shooting was both foreseeable and preventable. With this consideration in mind, those directly impacted by these events may want to schedule a consultation with a discreet and respectful Las Vegas shooting attorney to discuss their rights concerning legal recourse. Your attorney can help you hold the responsible parties accountable, and assist you in recovering for damages to get the compensation you need to allow you to grieve, process, and hopefully, heal from this tragedy.

Does the Las Vegas Shooting Differ From Other Tragedies?

Based on the details currently available in this case, it seems as though this tragedy is exceptionally different from other acts of mass violence, especially other mass shootings that have occurred over the past several years in the U.S. Much of these differences are in relation to the location of the event. It’s well known that Las Vegas is one of the most surveilled places in the entire country thanks in large part to the massive presence of multi-million dollar casino properties that are heavily concentrated in one area of the city.

Las Vegas Surveillance and Security Concerns

According to a 2014 Las Vegas Sun article discussing Las Vegas’ abundant surveillance presence, “If you drive a car to a casino, they know. If you browse the Web on your phone at a casino, they know. If you love baccarat but hate blackjack, chances are, they know that, too.” Considering this assertion to be true, it raises concerns about how the shooter was able to evade this heavy surveillance and carry out this attack without being detected earlier.

As negligence cases related to security are rooted in the ideas of prevention, foreseeability, and duties of care, the above concerns may indicate negligence on the part of the Mandalay Bay as well as Live Nation, the organizer, and promoter of the Route 91 Harvest Festival. Slide Fire Solutions, LP, the manufacturer of the bump stock device used in the attack may also be liable under current product liability laws.

Additionally, the rise in mass shooting occurrences at concerts and other entertainment venues raises serious security concerns over the way this event unfolded. Knowing that similar entertainment venues have been previously targeted, coupled with the presence of several high-rise properties overlooking the open-air festival should have warranted an extra security presence and special security relating to these buildings. Although the city of Las Vegas hasn’t previously been targeted, these considerations should have justified increased security to mitigate the possibility of violence at the concert.

Working With a Las Vegas Shooting Attorney

At the law offices of Adam S. Kutner and Associates, we believe those directly affected by this tragedy have the right to pursue legal action to hold those who may be liable for the Las Vegas shooting accountable. We are concerned with protecting your rights and helping you get the compensation necessary to recover as much as possible from this event. We know these cases must be handled with a particular degree of diligence and respect, and we are here to help.

If you or someone you know has been affected by this tragedy, call 702.382.0000 to schedule your free case evaluation with a qualified Mandalay Bay shooting attorney today.

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