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Imagine this scenario:

You create a profile on a dating app. A short while later, you receive a few messages.

You start hitting it off with your new friend, who lives nearby. After a few weeks of chatting, you agree to meet up. You head to the meeting location. It’s dark, and the place you’re meeting is kind of deserted.

But you’ve been talking for weeks, so you overlook the dangers.

Then, as you wait for your friend, a group of gang members jumps out from nowhere. They assault and mug you. You’re hurt, confused and angry, and call the police to report what happened.

Eventually, the police trace the assault and robbery back to the dating app. In reality, you were never talking to a real person. Instead, it was a group working together to rob unsuspecting victims. The group creates fake dating profiles in order to scam, assault and victimize people like you.


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    Victims of Dating App Scams

    Dating apps can be dangerous. Even though it may seem like harmless fun or a promising way to find a new flame, the truth is that dating apps have their risks. Unfortunately, you might be a victim of assault and robbery, like the situation described above. Sometimes, sexual assault can occur. Even financial exploitation can victimize someone who uses a dating app.

    If you’re the victim of dating app dangers, you may start to wonder if there’s a way to hold the dating app accountable for what happens to you. Here’s what you need to know.

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    Dating App Assault Attorneys

    Our assault attorneys may be able to help you if you’re victimized by using a dating app. You may pursue the offenders for the intentional torts that they may have committed against you, including assault, battery, harassment, and fraud. There are also scenarios in which the dating app operators may be legally liable for allowing the victimization to occur.

    If you’ve been hurt because of using a dating app, we invite you to contact our dating app assault attorneys to discuss your case. Legal liability for a dating app company is a complex issue. Our team works to explore all of the avenues to hold wrongdoers accountable for their actions and inactions. We want to make sure you get the justice you deserve.


    When Is a Dating App Legally Liable for Harm to One of Their Users?

    Here are a few scenarios in which a dating app may be legally liable when one of their users experiences harm:

    • A user creates fake profiles to lure victims. They use the same photo to create multiple profiles. Then, they meet with victims to hurt them. The dating app representatives could have been using image recognition to recognize the fake profiles and send a warning to people who received messages.
    • A group of individuals creates a fake profile to carry out assaults and robberies on unsuspecting victims. They victimize a man. The man reports the assault to the police and the dating app. However, the dating app doesn’t delete the profile or block the IP addresses of the users. The group goes on to commit additional crimes.
    • When a woman uses a dating app, she receives threatening messages from another woman. The woman calls the police and decides to press criminal charges. The offender pleads guilty. Even though the victim tells the dating app about the criminal conviction, the dating app doesn’t take any action to block the user or warn future victims.

    When the operators of a dating app do not take reasonable steps to protect their users when they could have, they may be legally liable when a user is victimized.

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    Dating Apps and the Duty to Warn

    Legal liability for dating app violence is a challenging issue. The Communications and Decency Act shields dating apps from liability for what users say and do online. In general, the speech that a third-party posts on a site isn’t attributed to the site owner. In other words, it’s hard to hold a dating app accountable for the actions of their users.

    However, there are some circumstances where the owners of a dating app can be liable when someone gets hurt. The dating app may have a duty to warn users when they have actual knowledge of dangers. The duty to warn comes from state negligence laws. The dating app is a business. Because they exist to attract consumers and make a profit, they have a duty to their customers. The duty to warn is a type of legal liability that may exist when the dating app knows that a user poses a danger and fails to take reasonable steps to protect others from harm.

    Pursuing a Civil Claim for Dating App Injuries

    Part of being a great lawyer is identifying and pursuing unique legal issues. The laws regarding legal liability for dating app injuries are evolving. There are conflicting state and federal laws that come into play. Jurisdiction and case filings are critical in these cases. Pursuing a civil claim for dating app injuries is complex, but our attorneys are skilled, experienced and aggressive litigators who explore every opportunity to fight for justice for you.


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    Remember, you are not alone if you’ve been the victim of a dating app scam. At Adam Kutner, Injury Attorneys, we’re always prepared for a challenge. It’s our goal to help you explore all of your legal options in detail. Then, together, we build the best plan of action to go forward with your case. Our dating app attorneys take the time to investigate the facts and the legal issues to pursue justice for you.

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    Have you been hurt by using a dating app? Contact our dating app attorneys for your free and confidential consultation. It’s our goal to help you investigate, understand your rights and take the appropriate legal action.

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