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Tow trucks remove vehicles from ditches, illegal parking spaces, and accident scenes. If you’re stranded on the side of the road, the tow truck driver can transport your car to a repair shop or dealership for service. These vehicles are necessary but also dangerous.

They’re not as big as tractor-trailers and some other commercial trucks but can still cause significant injuries and even death to the occupants of vehicles they run into during an accident. If the tow truck driver was at fault, you could hold them liable and seek compensation to cover the cost of your medical treatment.

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Common Types of Tow Trucks

tow truckTow trucks are essential to many people and to keeping traffic flowing smoothly. However, they can cause massive destruction if they crash into small cars. Tow trucks contain parts and systems that can injure the occupants of other vehicles. Improperly secured cars can detach and become obstacles for drivers.

Four main types of tow trucks include:

  • Integrated tow truck – The arm that lifts vehicles is towards the truck’s center, allowing the driver to transport buses and large trucks. It also has more axles than other tow trucks.
  • Hook and chain tow truck – A hook and chain attached to a crane lifts a car by the rear or front bumper. Damage could occur to the auto being towed, which is why most companies only use this type if they’re taking vehicles to the junkyard.
  • Flatbed tow truck – The trailer is flat, so the driver doesn’t have to drag the vehicle they’re towing. They can position the trailer so they can drive the car directly onto it or use a hydraulic mechanism to place it on the back of the truck.
  • Wheel-lift tow truck – A hydraulic boom and crossbars lift the vehicle by the front or rear wheels and attach it so the driver can pull it behind the truck.

Tow trucks are dangerous when they’re not actively hauling something. When they’re transporting a vehicle, they become more of a hazard to other drivers and passengers. The vehicle weighs more, which increases the force of the impact when it collides with a small car.

Common Causes of Tow Truck Accidents

Tow trucks and commercial vehicles are similar in their more significant sizes and weights as compared to regular cars.

Tow truck drivers must obey the same traffic laws as non-commercial motorists. Human error is a common cause of motor vehicle accidents. However, the trucking company could be at fault if they hired an unqualified driver or failed to maintain their vehicle fleet adequately.

The most common reasons tow trucks end up in accidents are:

  • Truck or part defects
  • Speeding
  • Improperly changing lanes
  • Driving under the influence
  • Failing to obey traffic signs and signals
  • Texting and other driver distractions
  • Failing to secure a car to the tow truck correctly
  • Tailgating
  • Driving while tired
  • Poor maintenance and repairs on the vehicle
  • The towing company’s negligent hiring procedures

Accident victims typically assume the tow truck driver is to blame for the injuries sustained in a crash. It makes sense considering they were at the wheel. However, their employer could be liable for multiple reasons.

Adam S. Kutner Accident & Injury Attorney has experience investigating accidents like this to determine who we can go after for compensation. Once we conclude who was at fault, we can move forward with filing an insurance claim or lawsuit.

Determining the Monetary Value of Your Case

downtown las vegasThe goal of any tow truck accident case is to recover a financial award that compensates for all expenses, including prescription drugs, rehabilitation, car repairs, and assistive medical devices. You shouldn’t be responsible for these costs when you weren’t at fault for the crash.

The at-fault party’s insurance company should provide an adequate settlement to cover your past and future losses. When you file an insurance claim, you can pursue compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Physical impairment or disfigurement
  • Lost wages and future earnings
  • Inconvenience
  • Emotional distress

Billing statements make it easy to calculate the economic losses you incurred. However, determining the monetary value of intangibles, such as emotional distress or inconvenience, can be tricky.

While Adam S. Kutner Accident & Injury Attorney might believe you deserve a specific settlement amount, the insurance company could disagree based on their investigation.

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kutner small attorney team min minWhile we’re investigating your case and determining the number you should receive in compensation, we might consider some of these factors:

  • The type of injury and how severe it is
  • Whether permanent damage, disability, or disfigurement resulted from the crash
  • Any psychological injuries suffered
  • The effect of the accident on your everyday life
  • The total cost of your medical care
  • The estimated cost of any future treatment
  • The amount of insurance coverage on the at-fault party’s policy
  • The availability of evidence showing who caused the accident
  • How much time you missed from work
  • The duration of the recovery period

You can depend on your Las Vegas tow truck accident attorney to protect your rights and seek the maximum possible insurance settlement. If the insurance company denies your claim or offers an amount that doesn’t fully compensate you for your losses, we can file a lawsuit.

State laws require adhering to a specific timeframe if you want to sue someone after a tow truck accident. The Nevada statute of limitations is two years. That means you must file suit within two years of the crash date. If you allow the deadline to pass, you won’t be able to take the negligent tow truck driver to court.

Understanding the Role of Modified Comparative Negligence in Lawsuits

Nevada uses another statute to determine the maximum compensation an accident victim is entitled to in a lawsuit. Modified comparative negligence reduces a person’s monetary losses by their percentage of shared fault. If the jury decides your actions contributed to the bus crash, they could diminish your financial award.

To clarify, let’s say you suffered $100,000 in losses. Under normal circumstances, you could pursue compensation for the total amount. However, if the jury determines you were 20% to blame for your injuries, you could only seek up to $80,000. Additionally, if you were 51% or more liable for the accident, you would be prohibited from recovering any amount of compensation from the at-fault party.

Auto Insurance Laws

Anyone operating a motor vehicle in Nevada must purchase and maintain insurance with minimum liability limits. Liability coverage can pay for the injured party’s medical treatment and other costs if the driver is at fault for an accident.

Non-commercial drivers must carry liability limits of at least $25,000 for bodily injury and $20,000 for property damage. Towing companies must also buy liability coverage for their tow truck drivers. Limits are typically higher than the standard policy for a passenger vehicle because tow trucks can cause more significant injuries and damage.

Nevada follows a traditional fault system. That means whoever is at fault for an accident becomes financially responsible for the victim’s injuries and resulting losses. It might be possible to recover compensation for your total losses, depending on the coverage listed on the towing company’s insurance policy. Adam S. Kutner Accident & Injury Attorney can request a copy of that policy to review and determine the available liability limits.

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Adam Kutner is a Top 100 Trial Lawyer with Experience and Expertise that Will Benefit You

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