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How to Remove Speeding Tickets From Your Driving Record

No one likes getting a speeding ticket. A speeding citation can cause significant problems and cost you for years to come. Is there anything you can do?

Our car accident attorneys explain how to remove speeding tickets from your driving record.

1. Determine What Is on Your Driving Record

order to remove speeding tickets from your driving record, you first need to know what’s on your driving record. Nevada makes it easy to get a copy of your driving record in person or online.

You need to pay a small fee and present a copy of your license or state ID. When you see what the state has on your driving record, you can then start the process of removing the speeding ticket from your files.

Even though you might assume that the state has all records of everything that’s ever happened in your driving history, that might not be the case. The records begin in local courts. Electronic documents and cloud-based records weren’t around just a short time ago, and not every speeding ticket has made its way to the DMV central records.

On the other hand, there might be inaccurate or incorrect information added to your driving record, especially if you have a relatively common name.

Start by looking at what the state has on your driving record before you put the work in to remove speeding tickets from your driving record.

2. Get Started Early

There are a lot more options to remove a speeding ticket from your driving record when it’s a pending allegation instead of a final conviction. As soon as you receive a speeding citation, it’s time to do the work to remove it from your record.

Before the case processes through the courts, you have the most options.

Take any action that you need to inform the court that you plan to fight the ticket.

Then, you can pursue the available methods to remove the ticket from your record.

3. Contest the Ticket

If the speeding ticket gets dismissed, it never appears on your driving record in the first place.

You have a right to a hearing and an opportunity to speak to the court. If for any reason, the police don’t appear, or if they don’t bring the evidence they need, you can win your case. Speeding tickets require a certain amount of technical evidence about how the law enforcement officer determined you were speeding.

A surprising number of people succeed in having the ticket removed from their record by fighting it.

4. Plea Bargain

A speeding ticket is a significant moving traffic offense. There are other offenses that are less serious.

One way to remove a ticket from your driving record is to plea bargain to a non-moving offense. A non-moving offense may not pose the same problems to your employment, and it generally doesn’t result in points on your license.

If you’re charged with multiple offenses at the same time, or even just with the speeding ticket, you can try and plea bargain for a more favorable outcome.

5. Ask For Traffic School

Traffic school is a good way to resolve a speeding ticket.

In many circumstances, rather than have a speeding citation go on your driving record, you can complete a traffic school course.

Driving school can be part of your plea agreement, or it can be something you do on your own to reduce the points on your record.

Either way, it doesn’t cost much time or money, and it can make things better for you. You can even complete the course with online traffic school.

6. Appeal

\When you fight your speeding ticket, the first judge you meet isn’t the final answer. You have appeal rights, even with speeding tickets.

\You have a limited period of time to file the paperwork when you’re taking the matter to a higher court. An appeals judge might have a different opinion or give the case more scrutiny.

7. Pursue Record Sealing

If the speeding ticket ends up officially on your record, record sealing is your best bet to hide it from public view.

However, be aware that record sealing does not remove the conviction from your traffic record, but it can remove it from public court and criminal records.

The State of Nevada has one of the most generous record sealing programs in the United States. For most traffic offenses, after only one year, you can ask the court to seal the record. Be sure not to have other offenses during the one year period.

Carefully follow the process for record sealing in order to make sure that your request is successful.

8. Wait It Out

Even though record sealing doesn’t completely wipe a speeding ticket from your driving record, you can remove a speeding ticket from your driving record simply by waiting the appropriate period to have the record disappear.

Nevada reports most traffic violations for three years, and they report serious offenses for 10 years.

You can rest assured that eventually, you will have a clean slate.

9. Get a Pardon

Nevada law has a procedure to pardon people for criminal offenses.

Officials can grant a full or conditional pardon under Nevada Revised Statutes 213.020.

In theory, a pardon might seem like a good way to get rid of a speeding ticket that occurs under unfair circumstances or when there were extenuating issues that make your conviction unjust.

In reality, however, officials grant very few pardons. While getting a pardon might seem like a great plan, most people have a better chance of hitting the jackpot at a Nevada casino.

10. Double-Check Your Driving Record

It’s a good idea to double-check your driving record.

Just because you’ve put the work in to have the driving ticket removed from your record, don’t assume everything is taken care of immediately.

After you think you’ve gotten the speeding ticket removed from your files, you should recheck your record to confirm it.

With your Nevada license or ID card, you can easily view your record online.

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