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Unfortunately, auto accidents happen every single day. In fact, at any moment, you can confidently assume that many automobile accidents are simultaneously taking place all over the world. An accident can consist of merely a fender bender, or it can be a disastrous tragedy involving totaled vehicles, severe injuries, and even death. Accidents can have a number of causes including distractions, technical malfunctions, or uncontrollable circumstances altogether.

An automobile accident can be life-changing depending on the way it is handled. Our team of expert Las Vegas and Summerlin car accident attorneys have prepared this essential list of things to do right after you’ve been involved in an auto accident.


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    Remain Calm

    The very first thing you should do after an auto accident has occurred is assess the situation. The health of the drivers involved is the top priority, so it’s a good idea to ensure that everyone is okay. In some cases, a severe injury may not even be noticeable or apparent at first. It’s best if everyone involved in the accident seeks medical attention to rule out any possibilities of injury or trauma.

    Alert the Police

    The police are needed at the scene of an auto accident if there is an injury so that a detailed, factual account of the events can be recorded. This account is known as a police report, and it can be useful for insurance companies and lawsuits. The police officer will help mediate communications between you and others who were involved in the accident, and he/she can route traffic and determine if intoxication was, at all, linked to the incident.

    Create Documentation

    In the event that you have been injured or your vehicle has suffered damaged, you will need photographs to support an insurance claim or possibly strengthen your personal injury case in court. Take photos of any injuries you may have sustained, and don’t forget to keep documenting them as they progress. You will also need photos of all vehicles involved. If you can, try to grab photos of the entire scene as well.

    Talk to the Other Motorists

    When damages or injuries are the result of an auto accident, it is necessary then to collect information about other people involved in the incident. Make sure you get a detailed list of information about each motorist. You’ll need information such as their names, phone numbers, addresses, and insurance details. Also, provide this information about yourself to the other drivers.

    Talk to Witnesses

    If the auto accident leads to an investigation, you will need unbiased accounts from people who were at the scene of the accident but weren’t directly involved in it. These accounts will help prove your case in the event that a lawsuit develops. Try to obtain information from as many witnesses as possible. Just after the wreck occurs, ask each person in the area for their names, phone numbers, and addresses.

    Handling a Hit-and-Run

    A hit-and-run incident occurs when an auto accident has taken place, yet one motorist has inexplicably left the scene. This typically happens when a motorist feels shame or guilt about the accident. Likewise, a motorist might also flee if he/she lacks coverage on their vehicle. At any rate, leaving the scene of an accident and abandoning responsibility is illegal. Therefore, you should never attempt to “run” after becoming involved in an auto accident.

    If someone else appears to be in the process of fleeing, memorize details about the vehicle including its make, model, color, and license plate number. If you’re lucky, you might also be able to get a glimpse of the individual driving the vehicle.

    Consider a personal injury case

    A personal injury case is necessary if you’ve suffered severe injuries at the fault of another driver or party. In the event that you require compensation to finance medical treatment, a personal injury case can be a sound option. Talk to your insurance company and an accident lawyer to discuss possible next steps.

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