How To Write a Car Accident Witness Statement

If you witness a car accident, you could play a pivotal role in helping car accident victims get justice. To write a car accident witness statement, you should write a narrative of what happened before, during and after the accident. Talk about what you saw, heard and observed in other ways.

To be as helpful as possible, it’s essential to include the movements of each vehicle. As you write, include facts that may be important. Don’t worry if you think a detail might not matter; just write down everything you observed. Just remember what should be in a witness statement is the who, when, why, what and how of the car accident.

Attorney reviewing a car accident witness statement

Car Accident Witness Statement Example and Checklist

After witnessing a car accident, it’s vital to provide a witness statement to car accident victims to help them get the compensation they deserve. Here is a car accident witness statement example, which you can use as a checklist when writing your own. These questions will help you understand how to write a witness statement for a car accident:

  • Name of person making the statement (full legal name)?
  • Address?
  • Phone number?
  • Email?
  • What did you see happen? How did the accident occur?
  • Leading up to the accident, what was the path each vehicle traveled?
  • Where did the cars end up? What happened to each vehicle after the accident?
  • Did either vehicle suffer damage? Describe the damage.
  • What were the weather conditions and visibility?
  • Where were you when you observed the accident? What was your vantage point?
  • Who did you see get out of vehicles? Did they appear to be injured? Where did they go? Did you see anyone else that may have been
  • involved in the accident?
  • Are there any other people that may have observed what happened?
  • Did anyone involved talk about the accident? What did they say?
  • Is there anything else unusual that you may want to include?
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There are a lot of details that you might mention in an accident witness statement. This is just a sample of a witness statement for an auto accident that you can review and see what is essential for a car accident case.

As a witness to an accident, the affected parties may rely on your observations as they piece together what happened. A witness statement should include any facts that may help the parties determine how events happened and what the damages are.

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Witnessing a Car Accident

What Should Not Be Included in a Witness Statement?

To help the victims of the accident as much as possible, there are things you should leave out of your witness statement. Items that should not be included in a witness statement are:

  • Guesses – A witness statement should not include anything that the person did not personally observe. They should not guess, but they can write about anything they have observed.
  • Opinions – It’s up to the jury to decide what happened. A statement shouldn’t include personal opinions or arguments about any issues. It shouldn’t make conclusions. The person should only write about the facts.
  • Feelings – A witness statement must be neutral. Feelings about the outcome of the case or sympathy for the accident victims should not be included in a witness statement.

By including guesses, personal opinions or attitudes about the accident victims, you are not adding any concrete information that will help the case.

Why Are Witness Statements Important?

Witness statements are crucial because they are a powerful recording of what happened. An eyewitness to an event has knowledge of the facts that may not be available in any other way. A witness statement is vital to put observations in writing. It also helps the parties to evaluate the evidence to negotiate a case resolution.

How Can an Accident Witness Statement Help a Car Accident Victim?

As a victim of a car accident, there are a number of ways that getting a witness statement can help you:

  • Accurate observations of what happened. Getting a written statement records the witness’s observations as close as possible to the time of the accident. The person might forget information later that is important. By getting a statement, their accurate observations are recorded. The details may prove crucial to your case later on.
  • Unbiased description of the accident. A witness statement solidifies testimony before the individual has the chance to think about things. A person who merely sees the accident isn’t the person who decides the outcome of a legal matter. However, the person may decide, after the fact, that they have an opinion about how they want the case to be resolved legally. Their opinions may taint their testimony. If you get a witness statement in writing, you can question the witness for bias if what they say in court is different than what is in the written document
  • Better chance of a quick and fair settlement. A witness statement helps you resolve the case. If the other side knows that you have witness testimony, they might think about settling your case fairly by agreement. In fact, most car accident cases reach a settlement before trial. The way that happens is by gathering the evidence to demonstrate what occurred and who is at legal fault. With the right evidence, the other side can see the strength of your case. You’ve been put in a position to settle the case for what it’s worth with no need for a trial.

How to Get Witness Statements in Your Car Accident Case

Our Las Vegas car accident attorneys can help you get the witness statements that you need to build your case. To get witness statements, it’s essential to identify witnesses, approach them to write statements and make sure that they include all of the relevant details in the witness statement. Our car accident attorneys have training and experience in gathering evidence for trial.

Let us work on your behalf to contact people and build the evidence, including witness statements. Gathering written recordings from witnesses is an integral part of a car accident case. However, it’s only one part of a car accident case. We offer comprehensive legal services aimed at maximizing your compensation. Contact us, and we can begin working on your behalf the same day.

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