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Remember, you have important rights. Whether or not the responsible party faces criminal charges, you deserve financial compensation for your injuries and suffering. Our attorneys for victims of drunk drivers represent people who are hurt by drivers under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Let us fight on your behalf to get the financial relief you need now.

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    With over 33 years practicing personal injury law in the Las Vegas area, Adam S. Kutner, Injury Attorneys have direct experience navigating the Nevada court system helping win settlements quickly so you can get back to your life.

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    This way you can focus more on your case and possible injuries without worrying about paying a retainer upfront. We are deeply committed to making sure every victim of a drunk driving catastrophe gets the comprehensive legal representation they deserve.

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    We work diligently to build strong claims for compensation, including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium.

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    As proud members of this community, we know that our clients are our neighbors, and when they are hurt in a drunk driving accident, we make it our mission to ensure they are represented with care as though they are our family.

    Do I Need a Lawyer if I’m Hit by a Drunk Driver?

    You need a lawyer if you’re hit by a drunk driver to ensure that you receive the justice that you deserve, including financial compensation. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that a drunk driving case is a criminal matter. They hope that the defendant is found guilty, and maybe, in the process, their emergency room bills are paid.

    However, your legal rights are so much more than that. You have the right to a wide range of compensation that goes far beyond immediate medical bills. You deserve compensation for all of your losses, which can occur in many different areas of your life. Don’t leave it to chance.

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    Compensation for the Victim of a Drunk Driver

    Here are some kinds of compensation a victim of a drunk driver may qualify to receive:

    • Emergency room bills
    • CT scans, MRI costs, X-rays
    • Surgery, other types of emergency care
    • Nursing care, intensive care expenses
    • Long-term medical bills including follow-up appointments and rehabilitative care
    • Lost wages if you’re unable to work
    • Pain and suffering
    • Mental anguish
    • Payment for diminished lifestyle and changes in life activities
    • Property damage

    As you can see, the kinds of compensation that may be available to you are inclusive. Some types of losses are tangible losses that you can measure by totaling up the bills and missed paychecks. Other kinds of losses are harder to measure, like pain and suffering. But they are very real. As your attorneys for victims of drunk drivers, it’s our goal to make sure that every kind of compensation is included in your claim.


    Lawsuits Against Drunk Drivers – Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s the Difference Between a Criminal Case and a Civil Case?

    There are several important ways that a criminal DUI case does not fully address the victim’s losses. First, it’s not the victim who decides whether to bring a criminal charge. The state prepares the evidence, tries the case and decides whether to offer a plea deal. Although the victims may have input, ultimately, they’re not the ones in charge.

    Also, the standard of proof to win a criminal charge is higher than a civil charge. In a civil case, you have to convince the jury by only a preponderance of the evidence, or more likely than not. The burden in a criminal DUI case is beyond a reasonable doubt. It’s entirely possible for the state to lose a criminal trial but for the victim to win their civil trial.

    Finally, a criminal matter cannot provide you with all of the compensation that you deserve. While a criminal case may result in compensation to the victim, it’s usually just immediate, short-term medical expenses and property damage. Long-term losses and pain and suffering are left out. In addition, the state may not always intervene if the DUI driver doesn’t pay. That can leave a victim without collecting even what’s ordered through the criminal matter.

    A DUI offense is both a civil and a criminal matter in Nevada. Only a civil drunk driving claim can fully protect the rights of the victim. The victim may hire the attorney of their choice to represent them in the civil proceeding.

    What is an Attorney for Victims of Drunk Driving?

    An attorney for a drunk driver victim is a skilled and experienced person who can help you respond in the best way possible when you’re hurt in a drunk driving accident. Usually, that means claiming financial compensation. An attorney for a victim of a drunk driver assists you by taking all the steps on your behalf that are necessary to win your case.

    Here are some of the things that our car accident attorneys for DUI victims may do:

    • Investigate to determine if the other side has legal fault
    • Help you understand the difference between a civil DUI lawsuit and a criminal case, and explain why the distinction is important
    • Gather evidence to prove the value of your damages
    • Prove the injuries that you have and the basis for your legal claim
    • Filing court pleadings; research and draft briefs on legal issues
    • Represent you when it’s time to speak in court
    • Handle tough conversations with the other side and the insurance company
    • Negotiate and collect your settlement
    • Take your case to trial
    • Take action to speed up your case
    • Guide you through the process and explain each step involved in the case

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