Uber began operating in Las Vegas in 2015. Since that time, Uber drivers have seen their share of the many accidents that happen in the City of Las Vegas each day. That can make drivers and passengers alike wonder about the consequences of Uber car accidents.

When you’re involved in an Uber car accident, it can be hard to know where to look for recovery. This is why it is crucial to work with a car accident attorney to build your claim for recovery. The rules for Uber drivers aren’t the same as they are for taxi drivers, and there are some things to be aware of after an accident with an Uber driver in Las Vegas. Here’s what you need to know about Las Vegas Uber car accidents.

Nevada Is An At-Fault State

Nevada law says that the person who causes an accident should pay for it. When an accident occurs, the people involved look to the person responsible to cover their losses. In most cases, the person responsible covers the losses through an insurance policy.

Sometimes, multiple people can contribute to an accident. Nevada law allows for a legal finding of shared responsibility for a crash.

Passenger in an Uber + Uber Driver at Fault

Riding in Uber Before Car Accident

When you’re the passenger in an Uber vehicle, and the Uber driver is at fault, the Uber insurance policy covers your damages. Uber provides one million in coverage for accidents that occur when their drivers have passengers en route. A passenger in an Uber vehicle that causes an accident should be able to recover from Uber through this insurance policy.

Passenger in an Uber + Other Driver at Fault

If you’re the passenger in an Uber vehicle and the other driver causes the accident, the other driver should pay for your losses. The other driver should have vehicle insurance that covers at least $15,000 for bodily injury per person and $30,000 total per accident.

While that’s a start, it’s also woefully inadequate compensation for any kind of serious injury. In that case, you can still look to the Uber insurance policy to cover your remaining damages.

Passenger in Other Vehicle + Uber Driver on Their Way to Get Passengers

If an Uber driver doesn’t have passengers, but they’re on their way to pick them up, you start by looking at their personal insurance to cover your losses.

Waiting for an Uber

If they caused the accident, it should be their personal insurance policy and not the Uber policy that pays you. However, if their personal insurance isn’t enough to cover your losses, you can again look to Uber to cover the gap.

Passenger in Other Vehicle + Uber Driver Not Using Uber at the Time of the Accident

You might be in an accident with an Uber driver while they’re using their vehicle for personal use. If a person who otherwise drives for Uber causes an accident while they’re using their car for their own personal reasons, it’s treated as an accident with any other private driver. You can recover from only the other driver’s personal insurance or your own coverage.

What Do I Do If I’m in an Uber Accident?

If you’re in an accident with an Uber in Las Vegas, your first step is to call 911 and get people the medical attention that they need. After that, take photos. You will also need the Uber driver’s information to process the claim. In addition to taking pictures of the entire accident scene, take a few photos of the driver’s license plate. Ask everyone involved to identify themselves and provide insurance information.

After Car Accident in an Uber

Finally, report the accident to Uber. There’s a feature on the Uber app to report a problem with a trip. You complete a short report and wait for additional information.

Why Are the Rules Different for Uber Than They Are for Taxis?

Uber drivers are independent contractors. People who drive for Uber aren’t Uber employees. Instead, they work for themselves. Uber is just the go-between that drivers and passengers use to connect. An Uber driver often uses their vehicle for personal use as well as to make money.

Taxi drivers, on the other hand, are usually employees of the companies that they work for. They typically only drive their taxi while they’re working. With taxi drivers, the lines are much clearer between personal use and business use and between employees and independent contractors.

Taxi drivers have been around much longer than Uber. That means the laws have had more time to catch up. As Uber becomes more familiar to drivers, passengers, and the legal system, it becomes more apparent to everyone who is legally liable when an accident occurs with an Uber driver.

Licensing Requirements

Nevada law requires Uber drivers to get a license from the state. The license costs about $200. The state collects information from drivers when they apply for their license. Each driver must renew their license annually to remain eligible to drive for Uber.

Part of the reason that Nevada requires Uber drivers to get a business license is to track accidents. Taxi drivers must have a unique medallion on their vehicles. That makes it easy to identify a taxi.

Nevada’s law requiring Uber drivers to have a license and display a placard on their vehicles is meant to level the playing field and help consumers when they’re in an accident with an Uber vehicle. Without the identifying information, it may be challenging to determine that a crash involved an Uber vehicle. The licensing process is also critical to identifying and disqualifying unfit drivers.

How Can an Auto Accident Attorney Help?

If you’re in an accident with an Uber driver, it’s important to look to the right person or source to recover for your losses. A qualified car accident attorney can help review the facts of your case to determine who may be responsible for your losses. Your attorney can help you identify the best avenue for your recovery and prepare your claim with expertise.