Golf cart laws in Nevada can be confusing. Yes, you can operate a golf cart on public roads, but only in some circumstances. There are restrictions and permit rules to be aware of if you want to operate a golf cart in Nevada legally. There are also safety considerations to be mindful of to ensure you don’t have an accident involving a golf cart. Here’s what you need to know about Nevada golf cart laws from our Las Vegas car accident attorneys.

Nevada Golf Cart Laws

Nevada golf cart laws are found in Nevada Revised Statutes 482.398. The laws allow golf cart operation on some residential roads, but there are permit requirements that may apply. In addition, local authorities can create laws dictating where golf carts can operate on public roads.

Golf Cart Laws

Is It Legal to Drive a Golf Cart on the Street in Nevada?

In some cases, it is legal to drive a golf cart on the street in Nevada. You may drive a golf cart on residential roads if the local government approves. In counties with a population of 700,000 or more, you need to get a permit and insurance to operate lawfully in most circumstances.

Do You Need a License for a Golf Cart in Nevada?

Generally, you do not need a license for a golf cart in Nevada. However, if you’re going to operate the golf cart on a public road, you must have a permit. There are some exceptions to the permit requirement that apply if you have a motor vehicle license.

Rules for Golf Cart Operation in Nevada

In Nevada, you may operate a golf cart on a golf course without a permit and without a license. But to operate a golf cart on a public road, some rules apply. The government must designate the road for golf cart use. In some cases, you need to get a permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles. It’s the responsibility of the golf cart owner to know where golf carts are allowed.

Golf cart use is allowed in residential developments where the local city or county government approves their use. In counties with a population of 700,000 or more, you need a permit to operate a golf cart on a public road. To have a valid permit, you also must have valid insurance for the golf cart.

The cart must be equipped with headlamps, tail lamps, and stop lamps. It must have a mirror, breaks, and an emblem designating it as a slow vehicle. You must have a DMV inspection before registering it for the first time. There is an $11 licensing fee.

A permit is not required if you operate the golf cart in the daylight. The driver must have a valid motor vehicle license. You must place an emblem on the golf cart designating the cart as a slow vehicle. To be exempt from permitting requirements, you must operate on a road crossing for golf carts or an access route to a golf course. If you have a permit, you’re exempt from regular vehicle registration requirements.

Nevada Legal Definition of a Golf Cart

In Nevada, the legal definition of a golf cart is a vehicle with at least three wheels in contact with the ground. It’s designed to carry golf equipment. The vehicle may transport no more than four people, including the driver. Nevada law 482.044 defines golf carts.

Low-Speed Vehicle Laws in Nevada

There are different laws for low-speed vehicles and golf carts. Low-speed vehicles have a lot in common with golf carts, but they’re classified differently. Nevada law allows low-speed vehicles to operate on public streets with speed limits up to 35 miles per hour. Drivers must have a Class C or higher driver’s license. Nevada law 484B.637 governs the operation of low-speed vehicles in Nevada.

Can You Get a Drunk Driving on a Golf Cart in Nevada?

Yes, you can get a drunk driving charge on a golf cart in Nevada. For the purposes of drunk driving laws, the definition of a vehicle includes golf carts. Any self-propelled vehicle can be a motor vehicle under Nevada’s drunk driving law. Nevada law 484A.130 defines what counts as a motor vehicle.

Can You Get a Drunk Driving Charge on a Golf Course in Nevada?

Yes, you can get a drunk driving charge on a golf course in Nevada. Nevada law 484A.185 says that drunk driving can occur on any premises that the public has access to. That can include parking garages, golf courses, access roads, and private homeowner’s associations. The same penalties apply that apply in all other drunk driving cases.

Golf Cart Accidents in Nevada

When a golf cart is in involved in an accident in Nevada, traditional rules of negligence may apply. The golf cart driver may be liable if their actions cause the accident. On the other hand, the golf cart driver may be the victim of the crash if a motor vehicle driver causes it. Everyone on the road has a duty to exercise care and caution for the safety of others. The requirement applies to golf cart operators and anyone else on the road.

Whether the golf cart accident occurs on private or public property, the person whose actions cause the accident may be financially responsible for the damages that result. It’s essential to work quickly to gather evidence because the police may not respond to the scene or thoroughly investigate an accident that involves a golf cart. You may need to work on your own to preserve evidence and build your claim. If you’re the victim of a golf cart accident, you may recover for medical bills, lost work, transportation to medical appointments, pain and suffering, and more.

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