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After a car accident, there are a variety of different methods that can be used to help determine who was at fault for the collision. The location of the vehicle damage may be significant to both determining fault and your claim for recovery. This is because the position of vehicle damage can shed light on the circumstances leading up to the crash.


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    1.Gather Information Surrounding the Fall

    Accidents happen, but if you should sustain an injury from a slip and fall accident, you don’t want to take it lying down. All on-premises liabilit includes a duty of care to ensure locations are in good repair and to deter property owners’ negligence.

    The moment a slip and fall occurs, make sure to jot down the actual circumstances and to answer these questions:

    • What time of day did the slip and fall occur?
    • What were the conditions surrounding the slip and fall?
    • What shoes and clothing were you wearing?
    • Did anyone witness your fall? Did you get their name and contact information?
    • Was the accident inside or outside the facility or building where the fall occurred?
    • Did the slip and fall occur on pavement or a wet or dry floor?
    • Were there any obstructions that made you fall?
    • Did the accident involve store or corporate staff?

    2.Contact the Authorities and Make a Report

    Immediately following a slip and fall accident:

    1. Tell the person in charge – Contact the store manager or authoritative person on the scene. Make someone in authority aware that an accident has occurred and you are injured.
    2. Follow your company accident procedure – Most businesses have policies to report accidents so be sure to follow the steps they require.
    3. Fill out and sign an accident and incident report – Document the slip and fall, including the time and location the event occurred.
    4. Take photos of the location – Take pictures of the exact location of your accident, detailing the cause: a wet floor, broken or icy pavement, torn carpet, or product spill.
    5. Take photos of your injury – Make sure to take pictures of your injury. Take as many pictures as necessary to depict the initial injury and if your break, wound, or bruise gets progressively worse.

    3.Get Immediate Medical Attention

    If you require emergency medical assistance, ask the store representative to call 911. If you suffered a severe back or head injury, brain injuries, broken bones, or sprains, don’t hesitate to be examined by a physician.

    Some larger corporations may also have an on-staff physician examine you. The worst thing after an accident is to do nothing. A serious slip and fall injury could cost you time off the job, lost wages, costly medical expenses, and chronic pain. The best recourse after a fall is to get professional medical attention immediately and carefully document your case.

    If at first it appears that you are not seriously injured, be sure to document any changes and get medical help if the condition worsens.

    4.File a Legal Claim for Compensation


    Slip and fall cases are not a do-it-yourself projects. Big and small businesses, retailers, and mom and pop stores are prime targets for fraudulent slip and fall claims, so you will want expert legal advice throughout the personal injury claim process.

    An attorney will:

    • Ask You Questions. The attorney will need to interview you and ask you specific questions about the incident and assess whether or not you have a legitimate claim. Be sure to have all your notes and information ready to relate to the attorney.
    • Assess the Accident. He will attempt to rule out any negligence on your part before agreeing to take your case. For instance, if you slipped on wet pavement in a store parking lot while wearing a pair of stilettos, the chances of you winning a case are slim. However, if you had on a pair of sneakers and slipped on a patch of broken concrete a store owner had failed to repair, you will likely have a solid slip and fall case.

    5.Set Yourself Up for Success

    Bear in mind that business owners and corporations dread compensating slip and fall victims. They are frequently the victims of fraudulent claims and will fight tooth and nail to disprove your statements or relate your slip and fall injury to a previous accident or health condition. That’s where an astute slip and fall accident lawyer is your best ally.

    Before you meet with your slip and fall attorney, be sure to bring:

    • Your notes regarding the accident
    • Information on how many days you missed work due to injuries
    • The medical care you received and if you were hospitalized
    • Whether or not you were able to return to work
    • A list of sustained long-term or chronic injuries that adversely impact your ability to be gainfully employed

    If warranted, your attorney will also schedule an appointment with a physical injury therapist who will work with you to help your injury heal, document doctor visits, and substantiate your claim. X-rays, physical therapy sessions, prescribed medications, and consultations all become part of your medical record and claim for compensation.

    If you have provided solid documentation, an iron-clad account of how and when the accident occurred, and definitive proof the accident was caused by negligence, then you have a good chance of winning.

    What Can You Expect With a Slip and Fall Lawsuit?


    Large and small corporations usually hire attorneys to investigate slip and fall claims. You can expect the corporate attorney to ask for a deposition in the presence of your lawyer. Corporate attorneys look for inconsistencies between your sworn statement and the suit filed by your lawyer.

    Some slip and fall lawsuits can be settled out of court if the insurance company offers fair compensation.

    Remember, the opposing lawyer is not your friend in a slip and fall claim. Their goal is to repudiate the business owner’s responsibility. However, your consistent, persistent, and insistent true statement recorded during the deposition, coupled with your lawyer’s professionalism and persuasion, will help win the case.

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