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Gas station slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of injuries to consumers. With about 168,000 gas stations in the United States, accidents are bound to occur. When you go to a gas station, you expect to fuel your vehicle and get on with your day quickly. But what happens when you’re hurt in a slip and fall accident at a gas station? Our slip and fall lawyers explain your rights.


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    Gas Station Slip and Fall

    A gas station slip and fall is a fall that occurs because of a dangerous condition at a gas station. The result may be a serious injury to a victim. A fall can occur because of a gasoline spill, because of other dangerous conditions on the property, or even because of the behavior of the patrons. When a slip and fall occurs, you may deserve compensation under a legal concept called premises liability.


    Premises Liability and Gas Station Slip and Fall Accidents

    Premises liability is the legal theory that a business, like a gas station, has a duty to keep their property safe for its customers. Premises liability laws apply to a gas station because they are a business open to the public. There are several ways that a gas station may open itself up to legal liability for dangerous conditions:

    • Potholes
    • Broken steps
    • Broken door handles
    • Misplaced equipment
    • Displays in the aisles where someone can trip on them
    • Poor lighting
    • Oil and gas spills
    • Water spills
    • Assault and battery from other patrons

    To determine legal liability in each case, it’s important to look at the facts in detail. Applying very high standards, you look to see if the property owner should have done more to prevent the gas station slip and fall. If the answer is yes, you deserve financial compensation for a wide range of damages. Damages may include lost income, medical bills, physical therapy, lost household services, pain and suffering, and more.

    Suing a Gas Station

    Suing a gas station is your legal remedy if you’re hurt at the gas station. A gas station has a high legal duty to provide a safe customer experience. As a business that’s open to the public, the gas station must actively take steps to find and fix dangers before they can cause injury to the public, like in a slip and fall accident.

    Suing a gas station means filing a complaint for compensation that lists the events that give rise to your legal claim. You may sue a gas station for any dangerous condition that they should have been able to find and remedy before it resulted in an injury.

    Gas Station Slip and Fall Settlements

    Gas station slip and fall settlements account for the financial damages and pain and suffering that a victim endures as a result of the accident. A settlement should account for the reasonable value of the claim, including medical bills and an additional amount for pain and suffering compensation. Most gas station slip and fall cases resolve by settlement. You may be surprised at the high value of a gas station slip and fall settlement once all of the categories of damages are accounted for.

    To reach a fair settlement, you must have some idea of the value of the slip and fall claim. When you reach a gas station slip and fall settlement, it is the final resolution of the case. You wait for the court to approve your settlement paperwork, and then you collect payment according to the settlement agreement. An experienced attorney can help you ensure that your gas station slip and fall settlement fully and fairly represents your rights and interests.

    What’s Involved in Bringing a Slip and Fall Case Against a Gas Station?

    A slip and fall case against a gas station may resolve informally through a demand letter. However, you may also need to file your case in court. Each case is different, so some of the steps may not apply to you. Here are some of the steps involved in bringing a slip and fall case against a gas station:

    • Taking photos of the accident scene; inspecting the scene for defects or conditions that may have contributed to the accident
    • Seeking medical evaluations to determine the full extent of your injuries
    • Gathering evidence of your financial losses like medical bills lost work and projected losses into the future.
    • Writing a demand letter to the gas station stating your claim
    • Formally initiating a demand for compensation by filing a summons and complaint in court
    • Participating in the discovery process to gather and share information about the case
    • Attending court regarding preliminary motions to discuss the evidence
    • Settlement negotiations; both informal and formal settlement negotiations may occur
    • Trial; testifying in court, cross-examination of witnesses
    • Arguments to the jury

    All of these steps might sound like a lot, but don’t worry! You have the right to help from an experienced slip and fall attorney. A personal injury attorney can help you work through the legal process quickly and efficiently. They can ensure that you receive top dollar for your claim while easing the burden of working through the legal system. In fact, with the right gas station slip and fall attorney fighting for you, the result can be that you receive much more than if you try to handle the case on your own.

    Gas Station Slip and Fall Attorneys Las Vegas

    Gas station slip and fall attorneys in Las Vegas can represent you through every step of the claims process after an injury at the gas station. If you’ve been hurt in a gas station slip and fall, we invite you to take the first step and contact our gas station slip and fall attorneys in Las Vegas. Our team works aggressively and with passion to help each gas station slip and fall accident victim receive the compensation that they deserve.

    Lawyers for Slip and Fall Gas Station Accidents

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