Nevada Bike Laws

Bicycle safety is a concern for everyone on the roads. Whether you’re riding a bicycle or operating a motor vehicle, understanding bicycle laws is vital for everyone. Here’s what you need to know about Nevada bicycle laws from our Las Vegas bicycle accident attorneys.

Nevada Bicycle Laws

The State of Nevada has bicycle laws that apply to both bicycle riders and motor vehicle drivers. The rules allow bicyclists to use the road, but they must stay as close to the right side of the road as possible. Drivers must leave at least three feet for bicycles. Bicyclists have a duty to operate with due regard for the safety of others on the road. Neither bicyclists nor motor vehicle drivers may intentionally interfere with each other on the road.

Bicycle Laws

What Are Nevada’s Bicycle Laws?

Nevada’s bicycle laws are found in Nevada Revised Statutes 484B.760-783. The laws define what counts as a bicycle. They state that bicyclists have all of the rights and duties of motor vehicles on the road. The bicycle laws cover travel speed, reflective materials for use at night, and limited highway access.

Do You Need a Helmet to Ride a Bike in Nevada?

No, you do not need a helmet to ride a bike in Nevada. Although Nevada has bicycle laws, the laws do not require riders to wear a helmet. However, the Nevada Department of Transportation strongly recommends that bicyclists wear helmets at all times.

Nevada Definition of a Bicycle

Nevada defines a bicycle as a device that moves with two, tandem wheels that are at least 14 inches in diameter. Any other device that’s generally recognized as a bicycle also counts. Nevada Revised Statutes 484A.025 gives the legal definition of a bike in the State of Nevada.

Rights of Bicyclists in Nevada

Every person riding a bicycle on a roadway in Nevada has the same rights and duties of vehicle drivers. Generally, bicycle riders must follow the rules for the direction of traffic. They must obey traffic lights and signals. To make a turn, a bicyclist must signal using their arms. If a traffic law doesn’t apply to a bicyclist, the bicyclist may ignore it.

Here are some laws that apply to bicyclists in the State of Nevada:

  • Travel as close to the right as possible, except when passing or turning
  • Only carry the number of people intended for the bicycle; each person must have a property designated seat
  • Don’t attach a sled, coaster, roller skate or toy vehicle to the bike
  • Travel commensurate with the speed of traffic
  • When carrying a bundle or package, at least one hand must be able to touch the bike at all times

Rules for Riding a Bicycle at Night in Nevada

When you ride a bicycle at night in Nevada, some special rules apply. The bike must have:

  1. A white light on the front. It must be visible from 500 feet away.
  2. A red reflector in back. It must be visible 50-300 feet behind the bicycle by car beams.
  3. Reflective material on both sides of the bicycle. The material must be visible up to 600 feet by headlamps.
  4. The bicycle must be equipped with a brake.

Bicycle Interference in Nevada

Nevada law 205.2741 prohibits throwing objects at bicyclists. The law prohibits throwing rocks, missiles, or any other substance at a person riding a bicycle. It’s also against the law to injure or deface a bicycle. A violation of the law is a misdemeanor.

Can a Bicyclist Ride on Any Road They Want to in Nevada?

No, a bicyclist cannot ride on any road they want to in Nevada. The Nevada Department of Transportation may restrict access to highways if they believe it’s not safe for bicycle traffic. In addition, municipalities may restrict bicycle access to sidewalks in pedestrian areas.

Motor Vehicle Interference With Bicyclists

Nevada law 484B.270 prohibits the driver of a vehicle from interfering with a person riding a bicycle. A motor vehicle may not overtake a bicyclist unless they can safely do so. When a motor vehicle driver interferes with a bicyclist, they may face a violation of traffic law as well as civil liability if an accident occurs.

Nevada Bicycle Accident Laws

All drivers and bicycle riders have a duty to exercise care and caution on the road. Motor vehicle drivers have to watch out for bicyclists, and bicyclists have to watch out for motor vehicle drivers. Everyone on the road should be careful and cautious.

When an accident occurs, either the motor vehicle driver or the bicyclist may be responsible for the accident. In some cases, both people could be responsible for the accident. Liability for a motor vehicle-bicycle accident depends on who acted negligently.

Determining liability for a bicycle accident requires looking at how the accident occurs. You must examine the behavior of each person on the road. If a driver or bicyclist takes an action that isn’t careful and cautious, and that action contributes to the accident, the person may be legally liable for the harm that results.

A motor vehicle driver may be liable to a bicyclist. Likewise, a bicyclist may be liable to a motor vehicle driver. It comes down to whose behavior causes the accident. Bicyclists have the same rights and duties as others on the road. They can bring a cause of action when they’re hurt because of the actions of others. Likewise, they can be liable when they act negligently in a way that causes an accident.

Nevada Attorneys for Bicycle Accidents

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