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Motorcycle riders are especially vulnerable when an accident happens. With less protection and stability, motorcycle collisions can result in severe injuries and damage to the bike or other personal property. Before getting your bike on the road, it is essential to understand the leading causes of motorcycle accidents and proper motorcycle safety to help avoid crashes.

Even the best-prepared riders can still get in a crash. If you happen to get in an accident, knowing who may be at fault is important so an injured rider can pursue appropriate legal action if desired. Our motorcycle accident lawyers explain common accidents and how to determine the party at fault.

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    Common causes of motorcycle accidents and determining the at-fault party

    Knowing what often causes a crash can help riders to avoid them and be prepared as much as possible when unfavorable conditions present themselves. Here are some common causes of motorcycle accidents and who would likely be at fault in each event.

    1.Left-Turning Cars

    Motorcycles are smaller than cars, so they may be harder for passenger vehicle drivers to see. When making a left turn, a driver must make sure that no vehicles are coming from the other lane. However, a driver who doesn’t see a motorcycle may assume that the last car to pass means the way is clear and causes a collision.

    In such a scenario, the driver would be at fault for the crash. These accidents happen more in rural areas but sometimes in urban areas as well.


    When a rider takes a sharp turn at a high rate of speed, the bike may touch the road, which causes the operator to lose control and crash. Typically, crashes related to unsafe riding occur with inexperienced riders who may not understand how quickly a road can change or how well a bike can handle a turn. In some cases, simply riding out the turn and letting the bike come out of it on its own can avoid a crash.

    In such a scenario, the rider is considered at fault for the crash. Roads can change quickly from straight to curved anywhere, and drivers must be moving at speeds that allow for the conditions of the road.


    If a car runs over a little bit of gravel or encounters a patch of slick road, the car could get past that disturbance with no issue. However, if a motorcycle encounters gravel or slippery roads suddenly, it could result in a crash. This is most likely true even if a rider is experienced or has a bike lower to the ground. Sometimes, even a small loss of traction can be very dangerous.

    In some cases, the fault for such an accident could be on the local jurisdiction. If a party was responsible for keeping a road clear of debris and failed to do so, they could be liable for the accident. However, in other cases, no one may officially be at fault for the crash.

    4.Bad Weather

    Extremely windy weather could cause a bike to wobble as it is being operated. Snow, ice, or rain can also cause poor road conditions that are unsafe for riding. When such weather occurs without warning, it may be difficult or impossible for riders to get off the road or make other adjustments until they are able to get to safety. Wet or icy roadways may be more challenging to stop on, so riders should increase their following distance whether riding on rural roads, urban streets, or open highways.

    Fault in poor weather conditions varies. Wherever a cyclist or motor vehicle is on the road, they must take reasonable care to drive safely. When inclement weather is a factor, riders must adjust accordingly to avoid accidents. If they don’t take proper care, they could be found at fault if an accident happens.

    5.Lack of Experience

    A rider should spend dozens of hours in training classes before operating a motorcycle on their own on a public roadway. Getting a proper education regarding how to ride a bike or how to ride safely increases the odds that a rider will not take risks that could endanger themselves and others on the road.

    Failure to prepare to ride on roadways and understand the safety rules puts everyone on the road at risk. Reckless drivers who don’t understand the rules of the road could be held liable for an accident.

    How to avoid a motorcycle accident injury

    To avoid an accident, it’s crucial to follow motorcycle safety practices every time you are on the road. Here are some important safety reminders to reduce the likelihood of an unwanted motorcycle injury or accident.

    • Wear a motorcycle helmet
    • Wear protective clothing
    • Get proper training
    • Don’t ride when drinking
    • Maintain your bike
    • Don’t share lanes
    • Keep your motorbike in good repair

    There are many different reasons why a motorcycle crash may occur. Often, it is the result of poor driving habits combined with poor road conditions that can cause an accident. However, if a car is involved, the car’s driver is generally at fault in most motorcycle accidents, and you may be able to collect damages regardless of where the accident occurred.

    Motorcycle Accident Attorney Near Me

    The experienced personal injury lawyers at Adam S. Kutner, Injury Attorneys serve all areas of Las Vegas. If you have been injured or involved in a motorcycle accident and seek compensation, we can help. We will create a strong case, deal with your insurance company, and ensure that all your medical bills get covered. Schedule a free consultation with the experienced team at our law firm in Las Vegas today.

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    What We Can Do For You After a Motorcycle Accident

    As a motorcycle accident victim, there are specific things you need to do to make sure you get fair payment for your damages. Our team goes above and beyond to get results. Here are some of the services that we may provide in each case:

    • Thorough investigation into the cause of the accident and where the legal fault lies
    • Experience in motorcycle accident law; explanation of the law in terms that you can understand
    • Determination of the total amount of compensation that you deserve
    • Referrals to medical professionals who can document the severity of your injuries
    • Taking steps to begin the legal process, including drafting the summons and complaint
    • Preparation of legal motions; responses from the other side
    • Speaking on your behalf in court
    • Dealing with the insurance companies; contacting witnesses
    • Attendance at mediation; conducting settlement negotiations
    • Finalization of judgment; collection of your payment on your behalf
    • Explaining each step to you in the process and working with you to build your case

    Every motorcycle accident case is unique, just like every accident victim. Our team carefully crafts your claim for compensation. We work hard to build your case and choose the appropriate legal strategy.

    We want you to have confidence in what we’re doing for you, so we make sure you are involved and informed every step of the way.

    Building Your Case For Motorcycle Accident Compensation

    Winning top compensation for a motorcycle accident victim doesn’t happen by chance. Our team has more than 33 years of experience helping deserving victims. With thorough knowledge of the law, we put our expertise to work for our clients.

    At our first meeting, we learn all that we can about you and your case. We interview witnesses, look for more witnesses, gather video evidence and take photos. Our team helps facilitate making sure that you have the medical records that you need to justify compensation. We use legal tactics to gather information from uncooperative witnesses and people who don’t want to produce documents voluntarily. We handle all communications on your behalf.

    Throughout your case, we look for opportunities to maximize your compensation. It’s vital for our Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorneys to stay one step ahead. When it’s time to negotiate your settlement, or it’s time to begin your trial, we’re prepared to fight for justice for you. At all times, we make sure you know what to expect and what you can do to help us pursue your claim.

    Protecting Your Rights

    Victims of motorcycle accidents have the same rights as any other injury victim. It is an urban legend that motorcycle accidents are not covered by insurance companies because of the risk involved in operating one of these vehicles. This is absolutely inaccurate. Victims of motorcycle accidents have the same rights to compensation as any other injury victim.

    If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you should contact an attorney who is experienced in these types of cases. Your lawyer will protect your rights and make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries.


      Things you should know about motorcycle accidents

      Involvement in a motorcycle accident is a frightening, confusing experience for anybody. The following procedures are general guidelines you should follow:

      1. Stop immediately: Do not leave the scene. If there are no injuries, move vehicles out of the flow of traffic.
      2. Check for injuries: do not assume that a lack of a visible injury means that a person is not hurt.
      3. Call the police: a motorcycle accident should be reported to the proper authorities, and the report may be helpful later in determining fault and receiving your due compensation.
      4. Exchange information: write down the name, address, phone number, insurance information, etc. of the person(s) who were involved in the incident.

      Nevada Motorcycle Resources

      Because motorcycle accidents can lead to traumatic injuries, the state of Nevada has implemented additional laws concerning the operation of motorcycles in the state. All motorcyclists are required to obey all traffic laws in the state just like passenger vehicles. However, the following laws apply additionally to the operation of a motorcycle:

      • Motorcycle drivers are required to have a Class M Driver’s license issued by the state of Nevada to operate a motorcycle of any size.
      • Motorcycle drivers and their passengers are required to wear helmets at all times when the vehicle is in operation.
      • Motorcycle drivers and their passengers are required to wear protective eye wear or face shields unless the motorcycle is equipped with a windshield.
      • Motorcycles may not share a lane with another motorcycle or other type of vehicle.
      • Motorcycles may not skip through traffic by riding in-between lanes when traffic is stopped.
      • Motorcycles must be equipped with at least one headlight. Motorcycles may not have more than two headlights in place.
      • Motorcycle lights must be large enough to be seen from a distance of 500 feet.
      • Motorcycle brake lights must be bright enough to be seen from a distance of 300 feet.
      • Motorcycles must have a rear reflector.
      • All motorcycles must have working front and back brakes.
      • Every motorcycle manufactured after 1973 must have electric working turn signals on the front and back of the vehicle.
      • Motorcycles must be equipped with side view mirrors on both sides of the bike.
      • Motorcycles must have fenders over the rear and front wheels.
      • Every motorcycle must have a horn and a muffler system.

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