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When an individual gets into a motorcycle accident, it could result in severe injuries as well as damage to the bike or other personal property. Therefore, it is important to understand the main causes of motorcycle accidents so riders can learn to avoid them. Furthermore, it is important to know who may be at fault in an accident so an injured rider can pursue appropriate legal action if desired.

Cars Turning Left Lead to Many Motorcycle Accidents

As motorcycles are smaller than cars, they may be harder for drivers to see. When making a left turn, a driver must make sure that no vehicles are coming from the other lane. However, a driver who doesn’t see a motorcycle may assume that the last car to pass is the last vehicle that has the right-of-way. In such a scenario, the driver would be at fault for the crash. These types of accidents tend to happen more in rural areas but can happen in urban areas as well.

Bikers Taking Turns Too Fast Can Cause a Crash

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When a rider takes a sharp turn at a high rate of speed, the bike may touch the road, which causes the operator to lose control and crash. Typically, crashes related to unsafe riding occur with inexperienced riders who may not understand how quickly a road can change or how well a bike can handle a turn. In some cases, simply riding out the turn and letting the bike come out of it on its own can avoid a crash. In such a scenario, the rider is considered at fault for the crash, and roads can change from straight to curved anywhere.

Debris on the Road Isn’t Ideal for a Motorcyclist

If a car runs over a little bit of gravel or encounters a patch of slick road, the car could get past that disturbance with no issue. However, if a motorcycle were to encounter gravel or slick roads suddenly, it could result in a crash. This is most likely true even if a rider is experienced as a bike is lower to the ground where even a small loss of traction is not ideal. In some cases, the fault for such an accident could be on a local jurisdiction if it was the reason why a road was full of gravel or why the roadways were slick for any reason. However, in other cases, no one may officially be at fault for the crash.

Bad Weather Plays a Role In Some Accidents

Extremely windy weather could cause a bike to wobble as it is being operated. Snow, ice or rain can also cause poor road conditions that are not safe for riding. When such weather occurs without warning, it may be difficult or impossible for riders to get off the road or make other adjustments until they are able to get off of the road. Wet or icy roadways may be more difficult to stop on, which means riders should increase their following distance whether they are riding on rural roads, urban streets or open highways.

Inexperienced or Poorly Trained Riders Pose an Increased Risk

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A rider should spend dozens of hours in training classes before operating a motorcycle on his or her own on a public roadway. Getting a proper education regarding how to ride a bike or how to ride in a safe manner increases the odds that a rider will not take risks that could endanger themselves and others on the road.

There are many different reasons why a motorcycle crash may occur. Often times, it is the result of poor driving habits combined with poor road conditions that can cause an accident. However, if a car is involved, the car’s driver is generally at fault, and you may be able to collect damages regardless of where the accident occurred. The experienced attorneys at Adam S. Kutner Accident & Injury Attorneys serve all areas of Las Vegas. If you have been injured or involved in a motorcycle accident, schedule a free consultation with one of our Las Vegas or Summerlin motorcycle accident attorneys as soon as possible.


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