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The number one reason that boat accidents occur is that people are intoxicated. Going out on the boat and having some drinks may sound like a fabulous time. When this is done with caution, it is a good time. However, remember that operating a boat under the influence can be just as troublesome as operating a car under the influence. If possible, it is best to limit the drinking or have someone else man the boat.

Operating a boat under the influence isn’t the only way that drinking can cause accidents. Drunk people can be rowdy. Whether you’re having a couple beers too many on a fishing trip or on a large boat, goofing off can lead to accidents. People can fall overboard, people can try inadvisable stunts, and people can get into drunken arguments. Alcohol can also lead to a lack of attention.

boats on the waterAdditional Causes

Not paying attention is the next cause of boating accidents. Sometimes, a good time can be distracting. Sometimes, you can just be relaxing and not observant to dangers around you. Other people may be driving poorly. Maybe there is a natural danger in the area.

Natural causes can be a huge problem for people on boats. Some people purposefully go into dangerous areas and explore. The adventure and the excitement can be fun and attractive to some people. However, most of the time, it’s best to avoid known dangerous areas. If there’s a sign by a body of water that indicates troublesome water conditions or dangerous animals, it’s generally best to adhere to these warnings.

Sometimes, people don’t have an option, though. People can be on calm waters and experience an unexpected storm or unusual current. You can learn which waters are the best to have a good time in, but when the unexpected happens, be sure to have a plan. Have safety devices on board in the case of any emergency. Also, have a way to communicate to the outside world. If you are in a place with little cell reception, be sure to have an alternative method of communication.

Technical problems can also give a boat owner trouble and cause an accident. People sometimes buy a boat and know nothing about how to control it. Before taking your boat out, make sure that you take some classes on how to operate the boat safely and what to do in the case of an emergency. The best prevention here is going to be preparing yourself before taking the boat out. When something bad happens, you want to be able to handle the situation properly for your safety and the safety of all of your guests.

Boat accidents happen more often than you may think. It’s important to be prepared. Know the laws in your area so you aren’t surprised when your lawyer tells you that you broke one. Once again, the key here is preparation. Know what it is illegal and legal to do where. Learn what can determine liability in a boat accident. Also, be ready for when the worst happens.

When you do get into a boating accident, you are going to need legal council. You will need to protect yourself and your assets. Owning a boat can be fun, whether you’re using it to fish or go on a cruise around the ocean with some champagne. However, there are also some very serious responsibilities with owning a boat that you want to be prepared for. You also want to be prepared for any accidents that might occur.