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Texting is one of the most common forms of communication with friends. It’s the best way to stay in touch with people outside of social media, but the hard part is when people constantly text even when completing their daily errands. Walking and texting at the same time is most common to do, and it definitely can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. The reason is simply because it takes away your ability to be alert. Over the last few years that smartphones eventually became a societal norm between teens and adults, statistics of accidents have skyrocketed.

In the past, videos of people walking into poles and falling into water fountains while on their phones texting have become viral video sensations. They’re funny and interesting, but there are serious consequences and potential injuries that may take place if you are not careful. Many people have gotten hurt simply because of not handling their texting obsession and doing other tasks at the same time. It eventually leads to serious accidents.

One such incident took place in Philadelphia at a subway station of a man who was on his phone texting. He continued walking while looking at his phone and ended up falling into the train tracks on accident. Luckily, the train was not on its way and he successfully got out of the train tracks and lived. There are many instances of similar accidents like this that have happened.

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    Distracted Walking Accident Statistics

    This past year, the National Safety Council added in “distracted walking” injuries as a category for the very first time. This nonprofit group has discovered the statistics for injuries in this specific category have grown over the years as cell phone usage has increased. They found that incidents in this category were estimated to be 500 or so in year 2000, but more than 2,000+ accidents in 2011 alone. More than 80 percent of those injuries resulted in both minor and serious falls. The truth is that it has increased more than that over the last few years since 2011.

    Pedestrians Are At Serious Risk


    It has been proven that distraction from texting while walking can cause pedestrians to cross roads very unsafely. Not only can trips and falls occur, but even getting hit is more than just a possibility. Oftentimes, walking in of street signs, doors, and walls are also just as common.

    Texting and walking causing car accidents are high up in statistics specifically for teenagers. The Safe Kids Worldwide organization found that pedestrian deaths for teens between ages 15 to 19 now account for about 50 percent of pedestrian fatalities among those who are younger than 19. They took that link and directed it straight to distracted walking. They discovered that one in five high schoolers were found crossing the street distracted either by texting, video games, or listening to music. Luckily enough, deaths among teens are lower in texting and walking in comparison to homicide, suicide, and those killed by driving.

    Pedestrian Deaths Have Risen

    The deaths of pedestrians have risen over the last few years with more. Back in 2013, a study showcased that 4,109 deaths have taken place and more than 4,432 died in 2011. More than 69,000 people in that year were injured alone. These statistics were all gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Another study from the Ohio State University conducted that distracted walking has caused more than two million injuries in the last few years alone.

    Location has been found to be a high ef inning factor on the accidental statistics. Statistics have shown that most accidents and traffic deaths have taken place in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. These areas are known for having the most amount of pedestrian accidents.

    Driver Or Pedestrian at Fault?

    The truth is that pedestrians almost always have the right of way. There are very minimal exceptions if an accident were to occur where the driver would be considered the victim. Pedestrians should be able to walk in pedestrian areas without fear, and drivers almost always need to allow for them to walk and be alert. However, you must avoid such an incident from happening by simply avoiding to use the phone when walking outdoors. Based on law, it’s important that drivers are aware of the issues at hand and don’t run into people by being careful when reaching pedestrian walking areas. The way the driver is not at fault is if somebody is jaywalking or walking in areas they shouldn’t. Working with an a personal injury law firm is best if you are struggling.

    Increase In Smartphone Usage


    Over the last few years, companies like Apple, Android, among many others have made it their main goal to provide people with as many new smartphones as possible. Whether it’s creating another generation of iPhones or providing new Android Galaxy Tabs, smartphones are growing and growing among usage. More teenagers and even young children are owning smartphones.

    How To Avoid Accidents

    Being more alert and knowing how to walk without needing to text is the most important thing to remember. Avoiding accidents is more than possible all people who use their phones while walking simply stop, use their phones later, and wait until they reach their destination to finally check their text messages. Playing video games can be just as bad as texting, and simply limiting phone use during any walking outside is the way to stay safe. For drivers, it’s simply about being more aware of driving when visiting areas where pedestrians can walk.

    The truth is that it can be incredibly dangerous if you are walking around and texting at the same time. You need to be very aware of your surroundings. 50 percent of people who get in accidents of running into something while texting have actually taken place in their own home. Avoid talking, walking, or doing anything while you’re texting. Texting should be done when you are in a standstill position or sitting down. Most accidents can be prevented if cellphone users simply backed off their phones when walking.

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