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Let our expert dog bite attorneys in Henderson help you claim financial compensation when you’re hurt because of a dog bite. Thousands of dog bites occur in Nevada each year. The event can be traumatic, and injuries are often severe and require medical treatment. Our Henderson dog bite lawyers are here to work for justice and to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries and suffering.

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Aggressive Legal Representation for Dog Bites in Henderson

When you’re hurt in a dog bite attack, there’s a good chance that you can seek relief in the form of a monetary payment. You may deserve a cash award that accounts for your medical treatment and the agony of your injuries. To win full compensation, you must claim and prove all of your damages. The Adam S. Kutner, Injury Attorneys specialize in maximizing our clients’ compensation by helping each client understand their individual case and pursue it aggressively.

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Why We Should Handle Your Dog Bite Injury Case

Here are some of the reasons why our Henderson dog bite lawyers should handle your case:

  • We Take Dog Bites Seriously – Dog bites are dangerous. Injuries can include severe tissue damage, bleeding and even paralysis. You may have immobility, disfigurement and a lengthy recovery period. Being the victim of a dog bite can be devastating, but you have rights. You can expect us to pursue every dollar of compensation that you deserve.
  • Our Team Understands Complex Legal Issues – A dog bite case is complex. Physical damages are an essential part of your case. However, your injuries are only one part of a dog attack. Our attorneys know that your pain and suffering is real. It’s our goal to make sure that your legal claim represents all of your losses.
  • Experience Makes the Difference – The team at Adam S. Kutner, Injury Attorneys, has a 28-year history of representing accident victims in the Las Vegas valley. With our history, we’ve gained the experience to help victims with a wide range of legal issues. Whatever the unique concerns are in your case, we know how to identify them and work for justice for you.
  • A Track Records of Result – Our attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for clients. Whether we take your case to trial or negotiate compensation through a settlement, we do what it takes to get you a fair result. With experience in the courtroom and the most up-to-date legal training, we’re fully prepared to fight for you. We’re so confident in our services that we never charge unless you win your case.

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    Building Your Case for Compensation

    Winning a Henderson dog bite case doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a finely-tuned legal strategy that’s tailored for your success. Here is how we build your case for compensation after a dog bite attack:

    • Helping you get the medical treatment and documentation of your injuries
    • Thorough identification of the long-term prognosis
    • Inclusion of short-term & long-term damages in your claim
    • Speaking to witnesses; gathering statements
    • Use of legal procedures, like evidence discovery and legal motions
    • Tactful negotiations for the best settlement possible, but going to trial, if necessary

    Throughout your case, we provide up-to-the-minute communication about what’s happening. We answer all of your questions with understanding and confidentiality. Your situation is unique, and you deserve Henderson dog bite lawyers who go the extra mile for you.

    Don’t Fall For the Defense’s Tactics

    It’s the defense’s goal to resolve the case for as little as possible. They hope that you get nothing at all. Remember, don’t be intimidated. The insurance company might expect that you don’t understand the law. They might bet on you giving up. However, when you work with our attorneys, we know exactly what to do to litigate your case successfully on your behalf.

    We’re not afraid of defense tactics, and we thoroughly understand the laws and legal procedures. When you’re hurt because of a dog bite in Henderson, you deserve the best. Our lawyers have experience building dog bite claims and pursuing them to fair resolutions for our clients. We’re prepared to make you another success story.

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      FAQs About Dog Bite Cases & Animal Attacks

      Does Nevada have a one-bite rule?

      No, Nevada does not have a one-bite rule. Even if the dog does not have a prior bite history, you may be able to pursue compensation. Nevada dog bite laws may be more favorable than similar laws in other states. We invite you to meet with our legal team to learn what the laws say about your case and what you might stand to win in compensation for your claim.


      What are the dog bite laws that apply to a case in Henderson?

      Henderson dog bite laws are based on negligence. There is a common misconception that a dog gets one “free bite” without legal liability. That isn’t the case. Any kind of negligence may result in legal liability for a dog bite claim. Premises liability may be a legal theory depending on where the accident occurs. Consult with our Henderson dog bite attorneys to understand what laws apply to your case.


      What can you win for a dog bite case?

      For a dog bite case, you can win all economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include the following:

      • Medical bills
      • Dressings for injuries, casts, mobility devices
      • Physical therapy
      • Makeup pay for lost work
      • Long-term and short term damages

      In addition to financial losses, you also have non-economic losses. In fact, non-economic damages can often exceed the direct financial losses. You may qualify to claim:

      • Pain and suffering
      • Mental health injuries
      • Disfigurement
      • Loss of use and physical limitations
      • Emotional anguish

      A Henderson dog bite lawsuit is meant to be comprehensive. You may claim all direct and indirect losses that you sustain because of the negligence of the dog owner or custodian.


      What should I bring to a consultation for a dog bite claim in Henderson?

      You should bring as much documentation as you have when you meet with us for the first time. If you have photographs, medical bills or a police report, it’s helpful for us to review them. As we talk, we ask questions and listen to your story to get the information we need to evaluate your case. We’re friendly professionals who want to help you succeed. Your consultation is confidential.


      What can I expect in the legal process for a dog bite claim?

      There is no normal for the legal process for a dog bite claim. How you pursue your case depends on all of the facts and circumstances. Most cases don’t go to a formal trial. However, you have the right to a trial if you choose. We want you to have all of the information that you need to make the best possible decisions for your case.

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