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When you’re involved in a personal injury claim, you may hear your attorney talk about using an expert witness. You may already know that an expert witness is an integral part of your claim. The right expert can indeed go a long way to help you succeed in your injury claim.

The right expert witness can help an accident victim recover much more than they might have recovered working without the expert. As a personal injury victim, it’s important to understand how an expert witness can affect your settlement value. Here’s what you need to know from our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys.

Can Expert Witnesses Affect Your Settlement Value?

Yes, expert witnesses affect your settlement value. An expert witness establishes essential elements that you need to prove the case. These elements are part of determining and proving the true amount of your losses and damages.

In addition, having the right expert witnesses is an important part of showing the other side that you’re serious about pursuing your case until you get a fair result. Ultimately, having the right expert witnesses can significantly increase the average amount of your injury settlement.

Why Are Expert Witnesses Important?

Expert witnesses are essential to proving important elements of your case. They establish aspects of your case that you may be unable to prove otherwise. They can use their training and experience to provide valuable evidence that lay witnesses alone can’t offer. Expert witnesses rely on their training and knowledge to help the jury explain technical evidence and prove your side of the case.

Expert Witnesses and Settlement Values

An expert witness can significantly bolster your settlement value. In fact, they can be critical to winning your claim and the fair compensation that you deserve. There are several ways that an expert witness may impact your settlement value.

For example, you may depend on an expert to prove how the accident occurred. The person that you work with may have training and experience in reviewing debris on the road, tire marks, and location of damage to determine specific details about how the accident occurred. They may be instrumental in proving that the other side is responsible for the accident.

On the other hand, a medical expert can help prove the severity and duration of your injuries. You may need to show the expected duration of your physical recovery. You may need to explain what your limitations are and how long you expect to be out of work or need assistance with care. A medical expert can be important to explain how your physical injuries impact you, your finances, and your future.

Increasing Settlement Values in Medical Malpractice Cases

In some jurisdictions, you must have an expert witness verify that you have a valid medical malpractice claim. Depending on where you bring your medical malpractice claim, the expert verification may be a requirement to even begin the case.

In other jurisdictions, the medical expert may provide their written opinion within a certain number of days of filing the case. An expert verification isn’t required to begin a claim in every jurisdiction, so it may not be required in your case. However, if your jurisdiction requires a verification, having the right expert can increase your settlement value by allowing you to bring a formal claim.

Using an Expert Witness to Increase Your Injury Compensation

Ultimately, an expert witness prepares their testimony as though your case is headed to trial. However, serious preparation and the right professionals working on your behalf can result in a higher settlement than you may have received without retaining an expert. For example, the expert may be an important part of explaining the actual value of the case. With the expert working for you, the other side may have some insights into what your case is worth, and they may be more likely to agree to a higher settlement amount.

In addition, an expert witness can help you show the other side that you’re serious about pursuing your claim. Reaching a fair settlement is a negotiation. Building a strong case that’s prepared to go to trial is a critical part of putting yourself in the best position to negotiate a fair settlement. When you have the right experts prepare evidence and testimony in your case, you have what you need to increase the settlement value of your injury claim.

What Makes Someone an Expert Witness?

What makes someone an expert witness is their training and expertise in a particular field. An expert witness must have specialized knowledge that’s relevant to the case. They must help a party to the case explain information to the jury needs help understanding.

Most states have a court rule [1] that explains when someone is qualified to be an expert witness. Usually, the rule says that the person must have the kind of training, knowledge, skill, or education that helps the jury understand an essential fact in the case.

Expert Witness Fees

Expert witness fees are a part of any personal injury case. Each expert witness charges a fee based on the services that they provide for the client. Working with an expert witness is an expense in a personal injury case, but the right expert witness can result in much higher compensation for a personal injury victim.

An expert witness is a critical part of maximizing the settlement value of any personal injury case. Their work is so vital that they can help an injured victim win much more than they might receive working alone.

Expert Witness Expenses

Expert witness expenses depend on the type of work that the witness performs. For example, if a physician provides a preliminary review of the case, the fee may be smaller than if they testify in court. They may testify at a deposition but not at trial. Expert witness expenses depend on the job that they’re hired to do, and the time and expenses associated with completing the work.

Attorneys in Las Vegas to Increase Settlement Value

If you want to increase the settlement value of your injury claim, the legal team at Adam S. Kutner Accident & Injury Attorneys can help. We can help you determine if you need an expert. If you need an expert, we can retain the right expert for your case. It’s our goal to help each client increase their settlement value through the appropriate use of expert witnesses. Call us today for your free consultation.


[1] Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure


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