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Accidents are a part of all our lives, occurring unexpectedly and never at a good time. While most accidents are not serious, those that are can take several months or even years to resolve. The following is an overview of how personal injury law pertains to those who are injured in Nevada. If you or a loved one has been hurt due to the reckless actions of someone else, contact a personal injury lawyer to learn what options you have under the law.

Statute Of Limitations

Each state has their own statute of limitations when it comes to any kind of personal injury claim. When filing a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court in Nevada the statute of limitations are:

  • 2 Years For Personal Injury
  • 4 Years For Product Liability
  • 3 Years For Property Damage
  • 2 Years For Wrongful Death
  • 3 Years For Medical Malpractice

It is important to note that the statute of limitations is strict in every state. Filing your lawsuit after the appropriate time frame will most likely cause your case to be thrown out of court.

If you are seeking compensation for an injury that was caused by a government entity or someone who was working for the government and caused your injuries, you will have less time to file your claim. In these cases, accident victims have only 6 months to notify the appropriate government agency of their intent to file a lawsuit.

The statute of limitations is the amount of time you have to file your claim, not to resolve it. As long as your court documents are filed before the time period runs out, you will have the option to prepare your case if a lawsuit is necessary to obtain compensation for your injuries.

Types Of Personal Injury Cases Filed

There are many different scenarios in which you may be hurt in an accident due to someone’s negligent act. However, some are more often filed in court than others. The most common types of personal injury cases filed in the United States today are:

Common Personal Injuries

Accidents can leave victims with injuries that range from mild to debilitating. Many people are left disabled after being injured and unable to work. The most common injuries reported after these types of accidents include:

Damages Typically Awarded

While it is impossible to know exactly which damages you may be awarded in your case, there are some that are typically awarded in personal injury cases such as:

  • Emergency Room Costs
  • Ambulance Transport Fees
  • Doctor Bills
  • Surgery Costs
  • Cost Of Speech, Physical Or Occupational Therapy
  • Cost Of Medical Devices
  • Lost Wages
  • Mental Anguish
  • Pain And Suffering

You may also be able to seek compensation for future lost wages if you are disabled after the accident. This type of settlement is meant to compensate you for money you can no longer earn due to the extent of your injuries. If you can return to work but cannot perform the same job duties and make less money than before you were hurt, you may be able to obtain a partial settlement for future lost wages.

How We Can Help

If you intend to file a lawsuit, it may greatly benefit you reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney. Statistics have shown that accident victims who do not have legal counsel are more likely to receive lower settlement offers than those who have legal counsel to negotiate a settlement on their behalf. Some important tasks an attorney can do to help you win your case are:

  • Locate Potential Witnesses
  • Interview Eye Witnesses
  • Obtain Police Reports
  • Speak With Medical Experts
  • Negotiate A Settlement With Your Insurance Company
  • File Your Lawsuit In Court
  • Represent You During A Trial

Being injured is never an easy thing, but there is help available. If you have been hurt due to another person’s negligence in Nevada, contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Do not wait until the statute of limitations runs out, it is essential to speak with one of our accomplished Las Vegas and Henderson personal injury lawyers at once to explore all of your options. While hiring an attorney cannot guarantee any result, it will increase your chances of obtaining a fair settlement for your accident-related expenses and injuries.


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