20 Common Places Where Slip and Fall Accidents Occur

There are some places where slip and fall accidents commonly occur. These areas may have hazards or dangerous conditions that may result in a large number of accidents. Our Las Vegas slip and fall attorneys share the 20 most common places where slip and fall accidents occur.

1. Sidewalks

Sidewalks can have uneven surfaces. Broken sidewalks, cracks, slanted concrete and slippery surfaces can all contribute to slip and fall accidents. A property owner should take care to keep their sidewalk in good repair.

2. Stairs

Stairs can be dangerous because of design. If steps are too steep or too narrow, a person may not be able to navigate them safely. In addition, broken railings can make it difficult for a person to steady themselves as they walk up and down the stairs.

3. Decks

The finish on a deck can make it a slip and fall hazard. Also, when floorboards decay or when they are uneven, they can cause slip and fall accidents that injury victims.

4. Parking Lot

Accidents are common in parking lots because of uneven pavement and poor lighting. Also, cracks in the pavement may occur naturally over time. When repairs aren’t made, the result can be an injury to the victim.

Before Parking Lot Fall

5. Elevators and Escalators

An elevator door can shut too quickly and cause someone to fall. Sudden jolts during the trip can throw a person off balance. Similarly, a person can get tangled in an escalator. These accidents can cause harm to their victims.

6. Restaurants and Bars

Accidents are common in bars and restaurants. There may be a lot of people in a restaurant or bar at the same time. When there are people in a crowded space, it poses a danger. In addition, people in a restaurant or bar have to navigate chairs and tables. Overcrowding, poor design and spilled objects on the floor can all cause accidents to occur.

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7. Gas Stations

Water and gasoline spills can make a slip and fall accident take place at a gas station. Because a gas station has heavy foot traffic, spills may go unnoticed until an accident occurs.

Gas Station Parking

8. Shopping Malls

A fun outing to a shopping mall can turn into tragedy when a slip and fall occurs. Slick floors, spills, product displays and pop-up shops in walkways can all contribute to accidents in shopping malls.

9. Sporting Events and Sports Facilities

Sporting facilities often have stairs for fans to climb to get to their seats. Also, fans may try to climb over seats to get where they need to go. Fans may not always be paying attention to where they’re walking when they’re distracted by the big game. Injuries can be the result.

10. Theaters

Going to the movies can result in a trip and fall. Patrons often find their seats in the dark. There may be soda containers and popcorn spilled on the floor. Individuals may stumble and get hurt.

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11.Medical Treatment Facilities

Doctor’s offices and hospitals are places where slip and fall accidents can occur. Patients may not be in good health when they enter a facility. They may be using crutches, a scooter or a walker for the first time. Falls at medical facilities can cause serious injuries.

Before Slip and Fall Accident


People face the risk of slip and fall accidents at their places of employment. Anyone who works with machinery, in construction or with chemicals faces slip and fall dangers. Debris, inadequate safety procedures and rushed operations can all increase the risk of a fall.

13. Entertainment Facilities

Concert halls and performance venues are risky places for slip and fall accidents. Patrons may have to climb stairs. They may have to find their seat in the dark and walk across coats stowed on the floor by other guests.

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14.Old Buildings

Older buildings may be at high risk for slip and fall accidents. An older building may have stair sizes that people aren’t used to, and railings or flooring may be in disrepair.

15. Unfinished Basement

An unfinished basement may hold a high risk for a fall. There may be items stored in the basement that are hazardous for someone to trip over. Dust and debris can also pose a danger for someone in an unfinished basement.

16. Hotels, Casinos and Resorts

When a person goes to a hotel, they might use a revolving door and an elevator. They are in an unfamiliar space with others who are also traveling. Hotels and resorts may have slick flooring. There may be spills or leaks that create fall risks.

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17. Amusement Parks

Rushing to rides or disorientation from a fun attraction can cause slip and fall accidents in an amusement park. The large crowds trying to navigate through the park and debris can also be the cause of accidents.

18. Apartment Complexes

There may be several dangers in an apartment complex. Lighting, sidewalks, handrails and community spaces must all be kept in good working order to prevent accidents.

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19. Swimming Pools

Water and walking surfaces around a swimming pool can make it easy to slip and fall. Surfaces near the pool may be slippery from water. Individuals can fall near a swimming pool or as they enter or exit the pool.

20. Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are places where slip and fall accidents can occur. Patients may be at risk because of their age or health conditions. Then, there may not be appropriate walking supports and railings to help residents through the facility. Slip and fall accidents may occur.

Common Slip and Fall Accidents

According to the Nevada Supreme Court, Nevada law says that a victim may have a legal right to financial compensation when another party is responsible for their slip and fall accident. A victim may deserve monetary compensation for even a common slip and fall accident. Even if your injuries are only moderate, you may still have medical bills and pain and suffering. The company or organization responsible for the property where the accident occurs may be legally liable to pay you these damages.

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Of course, no common slip and fall accident is truly common. Each victim has damages that impact their life. A slip and fall accident can change your life in an instant. Our personal injury attorneys can help you claim the relief that you deserve.

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