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The legal team at Adam Kutner, Injury Attorneys, can represent you in a claim for compensation if you’re hurt by an overly aggressive driver or road rage. All drivers have a duty to exercise caution on the roads. When poor driving behavior causes an accident, the responsible driver may owe financial compensation to the victim.

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    Aggressive Driving Accidents – Frequently Asked Questions

    What Are Examples of Aggressive Driving?

    Some examples of aggressive driving behaviors that may be worthy of compensation when a car accident results:

    • Cutting someone off without room to merge or turn
    • Running a red light; failing to yield the right of way
    • Excessive speeding
    • Driving too fast in a pedestrian area or when conditions are dangerous
    • Lane changes without sufficient space
    • Tailgating; following too closely behind another vehicle
    • Drag racing
    • Following someone or chasing them down after perceived wrongdoing on the roads
    • Blocking or boxing someone in
    • Suddenly stopping the car when someone is behind them
    • Running on the shoulder of the road
    • Illegal turning; running lights
    • Weaving in and out of lanes
    • Trying to run someone off the road
    • Refusing a directive from a law enforcement officer who is directing traffic
    • Other kinds of reckless driving

    There is a wide range of behavior that may qualify as aggressive driving. If you’re injured because of poor driving, you must take action to receive financial compensation. You may choose to have the representation of a Las Vegas aggressive driving accident attorney.

    Can You Sue Someone for Aggressive Driving?

    Yes, you can sue someone for aggressive driving if you are injured because of their actions. When aggressive driving behaviors fall below acceptable standards of care on the road, the victim may be able to sue. To win the claim, the victim must show that the driver’s behavior was unreasonable and that they suffered harm due to the driver’s actions.

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    What Can I Win for an Aggressive Driving Lawsuit?

    Here are the things that you can win for an aggressive driving lawsuit:

    • Emergency room expenses
    • CT scans, MRIs, blood tests, x-rays and the like
    • Costs of surgery
    • Doctor’s visits; follow-up visits; nursing care
    • Costs of travel for medical care
    • Mental health treatment
    • Property damages
    • Pain and suffering; emotional anguish
    • Lost wages
    • Lost earning capacity
    • Attorneys fees

    In an aggressive driving lawsuit, you may claim any kind of tangible or intangible loss that you have because of the accident. Our attorneys ensure that you include all types of compensation in your claim.

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    Isn’t an Aggressive Driving Lawsuit a Criminal Case?

    It’s possible that a case can be both criminal and civil. If you’re the victim of an aggressive driver, it’s possible that the defendant will face criminal charges. Having the defendant answer in a court of law is important. However, it’s typically not enough for the victim to receive the monetary compensation that they deserve.

    The purpose of a criminal claim is not to compensate the victim; it is to have the defendant answer to society for their actions. For you to receive a finding of responsibility and full financial compensation, including pain and suffering, you must bring a civil claim. Whether or not there is a criminal action because of what occurred, you may (and you must) bring a civil claim to receive fair compensation when you’re hurt because of aggressive driving.

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    How to Prove an Aggressive Driving Case

    To win an aggressive driving case, you must prove the following:

    1. Duty to drive carefully – All drivers must be careful and watch out for others. If the defendant was driving a car, this step is clear.
    2. Breach of duty – A breach of duty occurs when a driver is aggressive on the roads. The standard is whether a reasonable person would have driven in the same way. You must prove what the person did was overly aggressive.
    3. An accident or other type of harm – You must have been in an accident or suffered harm in some way.
    4. Damages – There are losses because of the accident. Physical injuries and property damages are examples of damages.

    When there are questions, a unique scenario or disputes, the attorney can help uncover the facts and protect your rights as a aggressive driving accident victim. Call us today at (702) 382-0000 for your free consultation.

    Why Choose the Legal Team Adam S. Kutner, Injury Attorneys?

    Our team has experience in helping victims of aggressive drivers. Here are some of the reasons to consider choosing us as your aggressive driving lawyers in Las Vegas:

    • Thousands of cases handled; our experience gives us the ability to manage the details that make the difference
    • We’ve won millions in recovery for our clients
    • We’re a large, full-service law firm. You get an entire team of legal professionals, and we have the resources to get results
    • The firm focuses only on personal injury cases and accident victims. We’re here to help you when you need us most
    • Locals lawyers make the difference; we have experience with the very courts and judges that will hear your case
    • Our team is made up of experienced trial lawyers. Whether you have a trial in your case or we work to secure a favorable settlement, we have the team that gets results that are tailored to your needs and goals
    • When you work with us, you work with a team that is professional, compassionate and dedicated to getting results for you
    • All of our fee agreements are upfront and in writing

    Don’t Settle with Insurance Companies

    We know how insurance companies try to get you to sign a settlement quickly without allowing you the opportunity to fully understand the extent of your losses. Minimizing legitimate claims is how the insurance company makes money, and we are dedicated to making sure this never happens to our clients. We pride ourselves on making the process as straightforward as possible so that you can get back to your life after an accident. With our skilled car accident lawyers in Las Vegas by your side, you have the peace of mind knowing that you have a strong advocate by your side to fight to protect your rights.


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