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    Traffic accidents are a serious problem in the United States. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported more than five million police-reported crashes in 2020 alone. More than two million of those caused reported injuries.

    If you or someone you know has been injured in an auto accident, you may be eligible for compensation for medical bills, property damage, or pain and suffering. A free consultation with an experienced auto accident attorney could be exactly what you need. While we do understand the hesitancy you might be feeling about contacting an attorney, we are here to assure you that we have your best interest in mind. Let’s talk a little about what you can expect.

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    What is personal injury law?

    The laws that apply to car accident injury cases are personal injury laws. Personal injury law — also called tort law — involves cases where an individual has suffered harm, injury, or damage to their property due to the negligence or intentional actions of another party. This can include slip and fall accidents, auto accidents, amusement park accidents, and others. 

    In these situations, the injured party may be entitled to compensation for their losses. However, figuring out the legal process and determining the best course of action can be a challenge without the help of an auto accident attorney.

    When should you file a personal injury lawsuit?

    Every state has its own laws regarding filing lawsuits. In Nevada, there is a statute of limitations that applies to all car accident claims. This is a rule that determines how long you have to file a lawsuit after an accident has occurred. For claims involving injuries or death to a person, the statute of limitations is two years. For claims involving property damage, you’ll have up to three years to file.

    While you do have some time, it’s crucial that you file as soon as possible. Your attorney will have a lot of legwork to do when proving your case, so the more time they have, the better. It’s also better to gather information while the details are still fresh in everyone’s minds.

    What to expect during the initial consultation

    During your initial consultation, you will meet with one of our auto accident attorneys, who will ask you some questions about your case. They will discuss the accident and injury in detail and review your medical records, bills, and other documents. 

    Once the car accident lawyer has all the facts and has a clear picture of the case, they will discuss your legal options with you. This will include a thorough explanation of the legal process and the expected timeline.

    What to bring to the initial consultation

    In order for a personal injury lawyer to review your case, you’ll need to bring specific materials with you. This might include the following:

    • Documentation of the accident or injury
    • Medical records and bills
    • Insurance information
    • Contact information for witnesses
    • Any relevant legal documents or correspondence

    Do your best to include any and all documentation you have and not leave out any details. The more the attorney for your auto accident knows, the better. This will give you the most accurate idea of what to expect. It is also a good idea to write down a list of questions you have for your attorney. That way, you won’t forget to ask something while you are there.

    Reviewing and assessing your claim

    During this phase of the consultation, we will discuss whether or not you have a viable claim. We will look at any weaknesses your case might have and how we might defend them. We’ll also determine who appears to be at fault so that you have the strongest chance of winning. 

    Negligence has to be proven in order to win a lawsuit, and we will be able to determine that during this consultation.

    With all the information in place, we will move on to discussing the legal strategies we might use to defend you. We might also ask for more information regarding the accident if we feel something is missing. If we happen to decide that you don’t have a case, we will let you know. Either way, you will not be charged for the initial consultation.

    Discussing your potential compensation

    Some people feel that they don’t need an attorney to estimate their damages. After all, you’re perfectly capable of adding up your medical bills and expenses. However, an accident attorney can help you identify all losses to which you may be entitled. 

    The guidelines for personal injury law can vary from state to state, but in Nevada, you’re entitled to receive compensation for losses such as lost wages, medical expenses (present and future), funeral expenses, and pain and suffering damages.

    While you may be able to add up the totals of the bills you receive, some expenses are harder to calculate, such as pain and suffering. This is where an experienced professional can assist you in figuring out those losses.

    Questions to ask during the initial consultation

    During your initial consultation, you are free to ask the car accident lawyer anything you wish. We highly encourage it so that you will feel more comfortable moving forward. One question you should ask any attorney you consult is how much experience they have handling similar cases. They should also be able to tell you about the outcomes they’ve achieved and the challenges these cases have presented. You can also ask them to go into more detail about your likely outcome and the potential damages you could receive.

    Another topic to discuss could be your financial obligations. You will want to know in advance what the fee structure and payment options are. Then, be sure to find out about the communication you can expect throughout the process. They should explain how often you will receive updates, who will contact you, and how they will communicate with you.

    Know your rights

    Focus is on a lawyer working on paperwork at his desk. There is a gavel and a scales of justice next to him.

    If you were the victim of a car accident and sustained injuries due to the negligence of another, you may be entitled to more compensation than you know. The attorneys at Adam S. Kutner, Injury Attorneys have the experience and the knowledge you need in order to win your case. Our team is passionate about justice and helping you get the maximum settlement allowed. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office and let us know how we can help. We are here to serve you.

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